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Feb 15, 2019:
Berlinale 2019: Crystal Bears and the Awards by the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education) In Generation 14plus

The winning films of the Youth Jury Generation 14plus

The members of the Youth Jury Generation 14plus - Theodor Bittner Rosser, Christian Däbritz, Johanna Deventer, Pauline Rebmann, Avesta Schiefer, Alanza Clarice Leigh Lovejoy Schmidt, and Janek Sommerfeldt - give the following awards:

Crystal Bear for the Best Film: Hölmö nuori sydän (Stupid Young Heart)
by Selma Vilhunen, Finland / Netherlands / Sweden
This film takes up topics that are above all of great relevance for our age group. It examines motivations behind the current political shift towards the right and xenophobia in our society. With its combination of humour, seriousness and emotion, this film tells the story of a romantic relationship between two adolescents who experience little consistency in their lives. The radical coming-of-age of the protagonists is constantly overshadowed by the confrontation with racism and the search for identity.

Special Mention: We Are Little Zombies
by Makoto Nagahisa, Japan
In this film, various camera perspectives and editing techniques defy narrative conventions. Surreal and real images coincide in this work of art. As the plot advances, the characters reach a new level. Sound effects, music and visual elements support the video-game-like structure. With this Special Mention, we would like to honour a film with an extraordinarily distinctive style.

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film: Tattoo
by Farhad Delaram, Iran
Our winning film tackles topics such as oppression, sexism, power relationships, sexual harassment and prejudices. In spite of the calm general mood of the film, a high-contrast colour scheme manages to generate a tense atmosphere over time, and the admirable use of square framing heightens the feeling that the female lead is under great pressure. When everything becomes dark at the end of the film, it is clear that the protagonist has to make a significant decision.

Special Mention: Four Quartets
by Marco Alessi, United Kingdom
The use of pulsating colours and the rousing music sweep us up in a dream-like flow here. This effect is reinforced by the layering of various experiences and memories. With very few words and expressive movements on the part of the protagonist, we begin to identify with her. This short film allowed us to experience multifaceted love, friendship and the search for identity.

The winning films of the International Jury of Generation 14plus

The members of the Generation 14plus International Jury – Nanouk Leopold, Pascal Plante, Maria Solrun – give the following awards:

The Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Film, endowed with 7,500 euro by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education):

Beol-sae (House of Hummingbird)
by Kim Bo-ra, Republic of Korea
Kim Bo-ra’s Beol-sae (House of Hummingbird) is a first feature with the maturity of an enduring artist. This strong film is a beautifully constructed portrait of a young girl trying to find her place within her troubled family. Its precise cinematic style is subtle and withheld while at the same time very moving.

Special Mention: Bulbul Can Sing
by Rima Das, India
While wearing the hats of writer, director, producer, editor, and many others (!), Indian filmmaker Rima Das has crafted a lyrical, authentic and touching film. Together with the young characters, we experience the crushing loss of innocence in a restricted society.

Special Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Short Film, endowed with 2,500 euro by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education):

by Faren Humes, USA
A powerful film that visually lures the audience into a world of grief, hope and friendship of girls in a black community in Miami. With a very beautiful way of creating scenes and characters and a strong sense of rhythm in the editing.

Special Mention: Sœurs Jarariju (The Sisters Jarariju)
by Jorge Cadena, Switzerland
Sœurs Jarariju (The Sisters Jarariju) is a panoramic cinematic experience. Jorge Cadena introduces us in a subtle way into a landscape ruined by a big coal mining company where two teenage girls are on the verge of leaving behind all they know in search for a better life. The film approaches its subject matter with respect and great visual profoundness.

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February 15, 2019

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