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Sep 10, 2018:
Berlinale Spotlight: Generation in Japan

For many years now, the Berlinale has had a global presence with specially curated film programmes. The Berlinale Spotlight extends the festival, making the activities of the Berlinale visible throughout the year.

Together with the Nara International Film Festival, which is headed by film director Naomi Kawase, the Berlinale Generation section is presenting five feature films from previous Generation Kplus and Generation 14plus competition programmes.

The jointly curated selection of films will be screening within the scope of the newly initiated Youth Jury Program that is being presented for the very first time this year, from September 22-24, 2018. The winner will be announced on September 24; Melika Gothe, Generation’s project coordinator, will attend the event.

“I’m delighted we are collaborating with the Nara International Film Festival. It reinforces Generation’s identity, which has always been about making artistically high-quality cinema accessible to young and committed audiences, offering them an opportunity to participate in the international discourse on film, and inspiring them”, says Maryanne Redpath, head of Berlinale Generation.

Laia Artigas in Estiu 1993 by Carla Simón

The following films will be presented:

Estiu 1993 (Summer 1993) by Carla Simón
Spain 2017
Generation Kplus 2017
Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury
GWFF Best First Feature Award
After her mother succumbs to the AIDS virus, six-year-old Frida is forced to start an entirely new life under the guardianship of her uncle. An impressive portrait of a strong little personality plays out against the backdrop of a family tragedy.
More information: Estiu 1993 (Summer 1993)

Min lilla syster (My Skinny Sister) by Sanna Lenken
Sweden / Germany 2015
Generation Kplus 2015
Crystal Bear for the Best Film (Kplus)
Special Mention of the Generation Kplus International Jury
Stella’s older sister is suffering from a life-threatening eating disorder. When Stella discovers this, she is sworn to secrecy. That is far too big a burden of responsibility for a girl of her age.
More information: Min lilla syster (My Skinny Sister)

Sekala Niskala (The Seen and Unseen) by Kamila Andini
Indonesia / Netherlands / Australia / Qatar 2017
Generation Kplus 2018 Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury
While her twin brother is gravely ill in hospital, ten-year-old Tantri enters magical dream worlds revealed by the Balinese philosophy of the seen and the unseen. Through dance and body painting she says farewell to her dying brother.
More information: Sekala Niskala (The Seen and Unseen)

Wallay by Berni Goldblat
France / Burkina Faso / Qatar 2017
Generation Kplus 2017
Nominated for the GWFF Best First Feature Award
Winner EFA Young Audience Award 2018
When his dad sends him off to relatives in Burkina Faso, 13-year-old Ady’s ready for some R&R abroad. But once there the reception is chilly and it soon becomes clear that this isn’t going to be the nice break from life back home he expected.
More information: Wallay

Fortuna by Germinal Roaux
Switzerland / Belgium 2018
Generation 14plus 2018
Crystal Bear for the Best Film (14plus)
Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury
A warm light of humanity shines beside the dark bluffs of an Alpine mountain pass. After braving the Mediterranean passage, Fortuna finds shelter in a Swiss monastery. There is a secret hidden in her longing for love that keeps her from feeling lonely.
More information: Fortuna

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September 10, 2018

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