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Generation Kplus

Oh corbeau! Oh corbeau!

Oh Crow! Oh Crow!

Oh Krähe! Oh Krähe!

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A world of darkness envelops the black crow, until a single red feather lures it away to a red bird in red backdrop. A mere touch with one wing tip is all it takes: suddenly, the young crow turns a brilliant red too. Over and over, it keeps swapping colours – until, at last, it has taken on a plumage of its own. A universe of paper and mystical sound comes to life in this adaptation of a fairytale of the Oji-Cree, a Canadian Indigenous people.

Pierre Garcia-Rennes

Canada 2019

Without language

9’ · Colour

recommendation: 12 years and up

World premiere


Written and Directed by
Pierre Garcia-Rennes
Pierre Garcia-Rennes
Martin Rose
Pierre Garcia-Rennes
Matéo Rousson
Sound Design
Matéo Rousson
Matéo Rousson
Production Design
Frederic Estimbre
Art Director
Frederic Estimbre, Amy Joycey
Production Manager
Frederic Estimbre
Frederic Estimbre
Executive Producer
Frederic Estimbre


Pierre Garcia-Rennes

Born in Montpellier, France in 1994, he studied documentary filmmaking at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Audiovisuel in Toulouse. Inspired by Direct Cinema and the collective aspect of filmmaking, his work focuses on political and social themes as well as music. He began working on his animated film Oh corbeau! Oh corbeau! in Montreal where he lived for a while. Now back in Toulouse, he is currently finalising a number of documentaries including Occupé.es, about the recent French student protests, as well as his first feature-length documentary Nous.

Filmography (short films)

2017 Tuning Instinct 2018 Trip over the Moonlight · Oh corbeau! Oh corbeau!

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Produced by

Studio ByeBye Bambi