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It is pretty much the middle of nowhere. Grey skies loom over faceless housing estates, sparse forest and wet gravel lots. Here, in these dreary surroundings, Sabine and Natacha drive around aimlessly, drinking beer and having sex with nondescript local boys on the bonnet of the car. Then, one morning, Natacha does not get into the car. She has decided to move away. It is the start of a fatal farewell.

Delphine Deloget

France 2018


21’ · Colour


Ambre Grouwels (Sabine)
Liv Henneguier (Natacha)
Igor Kovalsky (Boy 1)
Léo Prunier (Boy 2)
Benjamin Ritter (Commune Employee)
Manon Bidet (Marianne)
Christine Defay (Natacha’s Mother)


Written and Directed by
Delphine Deloget
Anne-Claire Jaulin, Stéphane Correa
Augustin Barbaroux
Nathan Delannoy, Delphine Deloget
Christophe Rodomisto
Pablo Salaün
Sound Mixing
Thomas Van Pottelberge
Sound Editing
Pablo Salaün
Set Design
Natalia Grabundzija
Alexia Crisp Jones
Assistant Director
Aurélien Lebret, Laurent Tosolini
Production Manager
Jean-Philippe Rouxel
Caroline Nataf


Delphine Deloget

The French director has received numerous international awards for her documentaries, including the 2015 Albert Londres Prize, the Regard Neuf Award at Visions du Réel, the Cinema and Human Rights Award at the Pesaro Film Festival and the Best Documentary Award at the New York City International Film Festival. She is currently developing her first fiction feature film, Rodeo, which is due to be shot in 2019.


2003 Qui se souvient de Minik?; documentary 2005 À l'ouest de la Mongolie; documentary 2006 Sacré père Noël; documentary 2008 No London Today; documentary 2012 Le père Noël et le cowboy; short film · Brassens et la Jeanne; documentary 2015 Voyage en Barbarie; documentary 2016 Knud Victor, le silence n'existe pas; short film 2018 Tigre; short film

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