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Where We Belong

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‘Normal’, what a word. Normal. What’s it measured by? Is there some kind of scale? And if so could I see it please and destroy it, thank you!’

The parents split up, the children are left behind with their thoughts. Director Jacqueline Zünd gives five children of separated parents space to report what it means to be abandoned by a parent or to have to choose between them. They look back thoughtfully and self-critically, displaying impressive insight in their analysis of not only their own emotional states, but that of their parents as well. The filmmaker weaves interviews with atmospheric scenes from everyday life and captures that which remains unspoken. Alone in rising mountain mists. Twins playing underwater in a pool. Brother and sister dancing in the dazzling lights of a fair. Perhaps these youngsters know where they belong better than the adults themselves.

Jacqueline Zünd

Switzerland 2019

Swiss German, French

Documentary form
78’ · Colour

recommendation: 11 years and up

World premiere


Alyssia Pascale
Ilaria Pascale
Carleton Gogel
Sherazade Gogel
Thomas Kurmann


Written and Directed by
Jacqueline Zünd
Nikolai Von Graevenitz
Gion-Reto Killias
Thomas Kuratli
Sound Design
Peter Bräker
Sound Mixing
Benoit Barraud, Reto Stamm, Marco Teufen
Nadir Mansouri-Müller
Assistant Director
Beatrice Minger
Jacqueline Zünd, Stefan Jung


Jacqueline Zünd

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, she studied at the Ringier School of Journalism and at the London Film School. Her first feature-length documentary, Goodnight Nobody, screened at many international festivals and won her awards including Best Newcomer at Visions du Réel and an Honorary Mention at DOK Leipzig. Almost There premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and won a Swiss Film Award in 2018.

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2010 Goodnight Nobody 2016 Almost There 2019 Where We Belong

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Real Film

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