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Liqa'lm yadhae

An Un-Aired Interview

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Tune in to the life of Ibrahim, an Egyptian man who suffers from success syndrome like most Egyptians, yet does not have any power… and find out why this interview was not and never will be aired.
Ibrahim, a waiter in a local Egyptian coffee house, is interviewed for an obscure television show called ‘Struggle and Success’. Jumping off from outtakes of the interview, the film delves deep into Ibrahim’s life to see who he really is, his political views, how he deals with the women and children in his life, and what his take is on what he calls the conflict between men and woman in general.

Muhammed Salah

Egypt 2018


Documentary form
40’ · Colour

World premiere


Muhammed Salah
Muhammed Salah
Ahmed Nageb
Raef Ali
Production Manager
Muhammad Salah
Mark Lotfy


Muhammed Salah

Muhammad Salah, born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1994, started out as a street photographer in 2016. In 2017 he enrolled in the Cinedelta workshop, a six-month educational program on documentary filmmaking by Fig Leaf Studios and Italian NGO Ricerca e Cooperazione. Liqa'lm yadhae is his debut as a filmmaker.


2018 Liqa'lm yadhae (An Un-Aired Interview)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2019

Produced by

Fig Leaf Studios