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Das innere Leuchten

The Inner Light

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Encounters with dementia patients often leave healthy people with the feeling of being ‘lost in translation’. Moments in which those with dementia refer to their life experiences become increasingly fleeting, as if the fairly reliable connection that usually exists between intention and articulation, syntax and semantics, were in a constant process of dissolution. With great delicacy, director Stefan Sick takes a sensitive, observational approach to documenting life in a care home. Confronted with a world that is free of the past and future, a world in which only the experience of single moments counts, we rediscover with the protagonists the slowness, travails and beauty of everyday rituals. Sadness, joy and thoughtfulness are all allowed to speak for themselves without comment. By creating a strong emotional bond to the protagonists, the film makes their view of the world tangible, thereby revealing their inner light.

Stefan Sick

Germany 2019


Documentary form
95’ · Colour · 2K DCP

World premiere


Written and Directed by
Stefan Sick
Stefan Sick
Stefan Sick, Moritz Lenz
Peter Scherer
Sound Design
Markus Rebholz, Marco Schnebel, Volker Armbruster
Marc Eberhardt
Commissioning Editor
Marcus Vetter
Ulla Lehmann, Andrea Roggon
Production Managers
Ulla Lehmann, Andrea Roggon
SWR, Stuttgart


Stefan Sick

Born in Buxtehude, Germany in 1981, he studied cinematography at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. His graduation film Closing Time, directed by Nicole Vögele, premiered at the 2018 Locarno Festival where it won the Premio speciale della giuria Ciné+ in the Cineasti del presente section. In 2014 Nebel (Fog), which premiered at the Berlinale, won him the award for Best Cinematography at the Sehsüchte Student Film Festival. He currently works as a freelance cinematographer and filmmaker. Das innere Leuchten (The Inner Light) is his directorial debut.


2019 Das Innere Leuchten (The Inner Light); documentary

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