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Sune vs Sune

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‘Sune, let’s take the hovercraft.’ – ‘You know it doesn’t really fly?’ – ‘Yes, I’m a kid; I’m not insane.’

Their swords drawn and mighty laser guns at the ready, Sune, his younger brother and his best friend Sophie regularly embark on epic fantasy battles. Yet as the summer holidays draw to an end, ten-year-old Sune has a different challenge waiting for him in the real world: a new classmate, whose name is also Sune. To his great consternation, he finds the new boy making quite an impression on the others. In fear of losing Sophie to his namesake and nemesis, Sune decides to reinvent himself, with tumultuous consequences. With ample humour and frequent forays into the fantastical, director Jon Holmberg deals with the fear of not being good enough, and the outrageous – but very human – behaviour it can produce.

Jon Holmberg

Sweden 2018


89’ · Colour

recommendation: 9 years and up


Elis Gerdt (Sune)
John Österlund (Sune 2)
Lily Wahlsteen (Sophie)
Baxter Renman (Håkan)
Tea Stjärne (Anna)
Fredrik Hallgren (Rudolf)
Sissela Benn (Karin)
Sven Björklund (Tobbe)
Shima Niavarani (Mia)
Marie Robertson (Gabbi)


Jon Holmberg
Jon Holmberg, Daniella Mendel Enk
Erik Persson
Fredrik Alneng
Joel Danell, Andreas Tengblad
Sound Design
Erik Guldager
Stefan Larsson, Wlodek Morawski
Production Design
Teresa Beale
Sara Pertmann
Johanna Eliason
Assistant Director
Bamse Ulfung
Script Adviser
Alicia Klang
Jon Holmberg, Daniella Mendel Enk, Sören Olsson, Sara Young
Maggie Wistrand, Catrin Wideryd
Production Manager
Denise Carlford
Linus Stöhr Torell, Malin Söderlund
Anna Croneman, Peter Possne, Lone Korslund, Poa Strömberg, Patrick Ryborn
SVT, Stockholm
Film i Väst, Trollhättan
Nordisk Film, Stockholm
Unlimited Stories, Stockholm


Jon Holmberg

Born in Sweden in 1974. After graduating from drama school in Stockholm, his main focus was initially on theatre. Whilst producing his own plays, he also began writing and directing for various television production companies, particularly in comedy. Many programmes on which he has worked have been broadcast both in Sweden and abroad. His feature film debut Sune vs Sune screened in the 2019 Generation section.


2003 Skeppsholmen; TV series · Skeppsholmen; TV series 2007 Playa del sol; TV series · Playa del sol; TV series 2013 Blå linjen; TV series · Blå linjen; TV series · Café Bärs; TV series · Café Bärs; TV series 2016 Swedish dicks; TV series · Swedish Dicks; TV series 2017 Fallet; TV series · Fallet; TV series 2018 Sune vs Sune · Sune vs Sune 2019 Sune – Best Man

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