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Generation 14plus

Les petites vagues

Little Waves

The sensations are super strong, truth be told. For the first time, Amélie’s favourite cousin has brought his girlfriend along to the big family get-together. Witnessing the young couple’s electrifying connection, the 13-year-old girl is unexpectedly overcome by waves of sensation. Driven mad by furtive caresses and yearning sighs, Amélie spontaneously slips into the pool to cool off a bit. But, little ripples can be enormously powerful too.

Ariane Louis-Seize

Canada 2018


12’ · Colour


Alexandra Sicard (Amélie)
Jules Roy Sicotte (Michael)
Véronique Gallant (Mother)
Martin Desgagné (Father)


Written and directed by
Ariane Louis-Seize
Director of Photography
Shawn Pavlin
Camera Assistant
Sébastien Filcich
Emmanuelle Lane
Sound Editor
Mélanie Frisoli
Louis-Philippe Amiot
Art Director
Annick Marion
Kelly-Anne Bonieux
Tania Guarnaccia
Assistant Director
Shanna Roberts Salée
Visual Effects
Simon Beaupré
Script Adviser
Catherine Robillard
Jeanne-Marie Poulain
Executive Producer
Hany Ouichou


Ariane Louis-Seize

Her directing debut, the short film La peau sauvage from 2016, screened at over 50 festivals around the world. She is currently writing the screenplay for her debut feature film.

Filmography (short films)

2016 La peau sauvage (Wild Skin) 2018 Les petites vagues (Little Waves)

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