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Fraueninitiative Scharnhorst

Scharnhorst Women’s Initiative

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Women counselling women. Five thousand renters live in the satellite settlement of Scharnhorst near Dortmund. More than thousand of them are women living alone or with their children. A large percentage of them are on welfare. They need help in asserting their rights vis-à-vis the social welfare authorities. This documentary uses the point of view of a 26-year-old single mother of two to document the commitment of the women’s initiative. “In the group, I realised that I am not the isolated case I always thought I was.”

Katrin Seybold

Federal Republic of Germany 1978


Documentary form
12’ · Colour · 2K DCP


Katrin Seybold


Katrin Seybold

Born in Bromberg, now Bydgoszcz, Poland in 1943, she died in 2012. She studied history of art in Munich and Tübingen. After working as an assistant director for Hans Rolf Strobel and Edgar Reitz in the 1970s, she started making her own documentaries.

Filmography (documentaries, selection)

1980 Schimpft uns nicht Zigeuner 1981 Wir sind stark und zärtlich 1982 Es ging Tag und Nacht, liebes Kind 1987 Das falsche Wort 1990 Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache 1994 Mut ohne Befehl 1998 Nein! Zeugen des Widerstandes in München 1933-1945 2008 Die Widerständigen. Zeugen der Weißen Rose 2015 Die Widerständigen „also machen wir das weiter ...“

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