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Der gläserne Himmel

The Glass Sky

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Julien works in an office and lives with his invalid mother and his girlfriend in a pre-war Paris apartment. He feels like the two women take advantage of him and at night, he dreams of sex and violence. Meanwhile, a murderer is loose in Paris, killing women. One day in the metro, Julien believes he sees a murder victim from his dreams; the enigmatic beauty leads him into an old shopping arcade peopled by strange figures, where he meets prostitute Bichette. The independent, confident young woman starts an affair with the clerk. But then Julien witnesses a real murder in the glass-roofed arcade … This erotic mystery-thriller about female desire and voyeuristic lust combines elements of film noir with those of an elegant extravaganza. The illustrious passageways of the real Paris metro lead to a surreal fantasy world, raising the spectre of illicit facets of the female imagination that have long been taboo. Combining that with exquisitely composed images, The Glass Sky becomes a sensuous cinematic fairy tale.

Nina Grosse

Federal Republic of Germany 1987


87’ · Colour · 35 mm

Rating R12


Helmut Berger
Sylvie Orcier
Agnes Fink
Maria Hartmann
Tobias Engel
Flora St. Loup
Klaus Mikoleit
Jean François Derec


Written and Directed by
Nina Grosse, based on the novella “El otro cielo” by Julio Cortazar
Hans-Günther Bücking
Patricia Rommel
Flora St. Loup
Holger Gimpel
Art Director
Rainer Schaper
Regine Gothe
Herbert Rimbach, Alena Rimbach
Commissioning Editor
Axel von Hahn

Film print: Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin