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Der Fater

The Father

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Dr Kurt Noll, a doctor in Shanghai in the 1930s, was passionate about shooting 16mm home movies. His daughter has put together a montage of his travel and family footage, ranging from passage on a luxury ocean liner to riding camels in Egypt, seeing fakirs in India, and his young daughter romping in the garden. And over and over again, scenes of hunting and trophies. Combined with colour footage shot by his daughter, it becomes a dialogue with the director – „the concept of the film was to make the father’s footage speak, so it would reveal its meaning to the daughter“.

Christine Noll Brinckmann

Federal Republic of Germany 1986

Without language

26’ · Colour & Black/White · 16 mm


Christine Noll Brinckmann

Film print: Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., Berlin