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Die Wahrheit um den Froschkönig

The Truth About the Frog Prince


Is he the dream prince? As each frog climbs out of the fountain, the princess hopes it will be the one, the love of her life. But no sooner has one been flung against the wall than it turns out to be pretty much a washout. Will the frogman be able to live up to the empty promise of the frogs? … The Truth About the Frog Prince was produced by the DEFA Studio for Animation Films in Dresden, where director Sieglinde Hamacher worked for 35 years, joining soon after its founding in 1955.

Sieglinde Hamacher

German Democratic Republic 1985

Without language

8’ · Colour · 35 mm

Rating R6


Sieglinde Hamacher

Film print: DEFA-Filmverleih in der Deutschen Kinemathek, Berlin