Berlinale: Programme

Programme 2018


3 Tage in Quiberon | 3 Days in Quiberon
by Emily Atef, Germany / Austria / France
7 Days in Entebbe | 7 Tage in Entebbe
by José Padilha, USA / United Kingdom
by Milko Lazarov, Bulgaria / Germany / France
Ang Panahon ng Halimaw | Season of the Devil | In Zeiten des Teufels
by Lav Diaz, Philippines
Black 47
by Lance Daly, Ireland / Luxembourg
by David & Nathan Zellner, USA
Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot
by Gus Van Sant, USA
by Alexey German Jr., Russian Federation / Poland / Serbia
by Markus Imhoof, Switzerland / Germany
by Benoit Jacquot, France / Belgium
Figlia mia | Daughter of Mine
by Laura Bispuri, Italy / Germany / Switzerland
In den Gängen | In the Aisles
by Thomas Stuber, Germany
Isle of Dogs | Isle of Dogs – Ataris Reise
by Wes Anderson, United Kingdom / Germany
Khook | Pig | Schwein
by Mani Haghighi, Iran
La prière | The Prayer
by Cédric Kahn, France
Las herederas | The Heiresses
by Marcelo Martinessi, Paraguay / Uruguay / Germany / Brazil / Norway / France
Mein Bruder heißt Robert und ist ein Idiot | My Brother's Name is Robert and He is an Idiot
by Philip Gröning, Germany / France / Switzerland
Museo | Museum
by Alonso Ruizpalacios, Mexico
Toppen av ingenting | The Real Estate
by Axel Petersén, Måns Månsson, Sweden / United Kingdom
Touch Me Not
by Adina Pintilie, Romania / Germany / Czech Republic / Bulgaria / France
by Christian Petzold, Germany / France
Twarz | Mug
by Małgorzata Szumowska, Poland
Unsane | Unsane – Ausgeliefert
by Steven Soderbergh, USA
Utøya 22. juli | U – July 22
by Erik Poppe, Norway

Berlinale Shorts

by Puck Lo, USA
by Dore O., Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Alma Bandida | The Hooligan Soul
by Marco Antônio Pereira, Brazil
And What Is the Summer Saying
by Payal Kapadia, India
by Ula Stöckl, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Keith Deligero, Philippines
by Chuko Esiri, Nigeria
by David Jansen, Germany
Burkina Brandenburg Komplex
by Ulu Braun, Germany
by Jayisha Patel, United Kingdom / Canada / India
City of Tales
by Arash Nassiri, France
by Lorenz Wunderle, Switzerland
Des jeunes filles disparaissent | Young Girls Vanish
by Clément Pinteaux, France
Farbtest Rote Fahne | Color Test: The Red Flag
by Gerd Conradt, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Fundevogel | Foundling-Bird
by Claudia von Alemann, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Samuel Ishimwe, Switzerland / Rwanda
Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off)
by Lukas Marxt, Germany / Austria
I Ruhrområdet | In the Ruhr Region | Im Ruhrgebiet
by Peter Nestler, Sweden
Ja/Nein | Yes/No
by Ernst Schmidt jr., Austria
Kunst & Revolution | Art & Revolution
by Ernst Schmidt jr., Austria
Le Tigre de Tasmanie | The Tasmanian Tiger
by Vergine Keaton, France
by João Viana, France / Portugal / Mozambique / Guinea-Bissau / Qatar
My Name is Oona | Mein Name ist Oona
by Gunvor Nelson, USA
Na und...? | So what ...?
by Marquard Bohm, Helmut Herbst, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Onde o Verão Vai (episódios da juventude) | Where the Summer Goes (chapters on youth) | Wohin der Sommer geht (Episoden aus der Jugend)
by David Pinheiro Vicente, Portugal
Programmhinweise | Programme Advice
by Christiane Gehner, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Rohfilm | Raw Film
by Birgit Hein, Wilhelm Hein, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by João Salaviza, Ricardo Alves Jr., Portugal / Brazil
Solar Walk
by Réka Bucsi, Denmark
Tapp und Tastkino | Tap and Touch Cinema
by VALIE EXPORT, Austria
Terremoto Santo | Holy Tremor | Heiliges Beben
by Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca, Brazil
The Men Behind the Wall
by Ines Moldavsky, Israel
The Shadow of Utopia | Im Schatten der Utopie
by Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Austria
by Manque La Banca, Argentina
While I yet Live
by Maris Curran, USA
Wishing Well | Wunschbrunnen
by Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany

Berlinale Special

AMERICA Land of the FreeKS
by Ulli Lommel, Germany / USA
Bad Banks
by Christian Schwochow, Germany / Luxembourg
Das schweigende Klassenzimmer | The Silent Revolution
by Lars Kraume, Germany
by Paul Williams, Australia
Heimebane | Home Ground
by Johan Fasting, Arild Andresen, Norway
by Asger Leth, Mikael Marcimain, Denmark
Monster Hunt 2
by Raman Hui, People's Republic of China / Hong Kong, China
Picnic at Hanging Rock
by Larysa Kondracki, Australia
by Stephen Nomura Schible, USA / Japan
Sleeping Bears
by Keren Margalit, Israel
by Murray Cummings, United Kingdom
The Bookshop | Der Buchladen der Florence Green
by Isabel Coixet, Spain / United Kingdom / Germany
The Happy Prince
by Rupert Everett, Germany / Belgium / Italy
The Interpreter | Dolmetscher
by Martin Šulík, Slovakian Republic / Czech Republic / Austria
The Looming Tower
by Dan Futterman, Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, USA
The Terror
by David Kajganich, Soo Hugh, Edward Berger, USA
Unga Astrid | Becoming Astrid
by Pernille Fischer Christensen, Sweden / Germany / Denmark
Usedom – Der freie Blick aufs Meer | Usedom – Clear View at the Sea
by Heinz Brinkmann, Germany
Viaje a los Pueblos Fumigados | A Journey to the Fumigated Towns | Reise in die vergifteten Dörfer
by Fernando E. Solanas, Argentina


Al Gami’ya | What Comes Around
by Reem Saleh, Lebanon / Egypt / Greece / Qatar / Slovenia
Až přijde válka | When the War Comes
by Jan Gebert, Czech Republic / Croatia
Bixa Travesty | Tranny Fag
by Claudia Priscilla, Kiko Goifman, Brazil
Die Reise nach Sundevit | The Journey to Sundevit
by Heiner Carow, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Ex Pajé | Ex Shaman
by Luiz Bolognesi, Brazil
Familienleben | Family Life
by Rosa Hannah Ziegler, Germany
Game Girls
by Alina Skrzeszewska, France / Germany
by Q , India
Generation Wealth
by Lauren Greenfield, USA
Genezis | Genesis
by Árpád Bogdán, Hungary
Hojoom | Invasion
by Shahram Mokri, Iran
Horizonti | Horizon
by Tinatin Kajrishvili, Georgia / Sweden
Hotel Jugoslavija
by Nicolas Wagnières, Switzerland
Inkan, gongkan, sikan grigo inkan | Human, Space, Time and Human
by Kim Ki-duk, Korea
Je vois rouge | I See Red People
by Bojina Panayotova, France / Bulgaria
by Henrika Kull, Germany
Kinshasa Makambo
by Dieudo Hamadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo / France / Switzerland / Germany / Qatar / Norway
Koly padayut dereva | When the Trees Fall
by Marysia Nikitiuk, Ukraine / Poland / Macedonia
La enfermedad del domingo | Sunday’s Illness
by Ramón Salazar, Spain
by Babak Jalali, Italy / France / Netherlands / Mexico / Qatar
L’ Animale
by Katharina Mueckstein, Austria
La omisión | The Omission
by Sebastián Schjaer, Argentina / Netherlands / Switzerland
La terra dell’abbastanza | Boys Cry
by Damiano & Fabio D’Innocenzo, Italy
by Ioana Uricaru, Romania / Canada / Germany / Sweden
Malambo, el hombre bueno | Malambo, the Good Man
by Santiago Loza, Argentina
by Martín Rodríguez Redondo, Argentina / Chile
by Steve Loveridge, USA / United Kingdom / Sri Lanka
Mes provinciales | A Paris Education
by Jean Paul Civeyrac, France
Obscuro Barroco
by Evangelia Kranioti, France / Greece
Ondes de choc – Journal de ma tête | Shock Waves – Diary of My Mind
by Ursula Meier, Switzerland
Ondes de choc – Prénom: Mathieu | Shock Waves – First Name: Mathieu
by Lionel Baier, Switzerland
O processo | The Trial
by Maria Augusta Ramos, Brazil / Germany / Netherlands
by Lutz Pehnert, Matthias Ehlert, Adama Ulrich, Germany
by Timur Bekmambetov, USA / United Kingdom / Cyprus / Russian Federation
River’s Edge
by Isao Yukisada, Japan
Rou qing shi | Girls Always Happy
by Yang Mingming, People's Republic of China
by Leilah Weinraub, USA
Shut Up and Play the Piano
by Philipp Jedicke, Germany / United Kingdom
by Wolfgang Fischer, Germany / Austria
That Summer
by Göran Hugo Olsson, Sweden / USA / Denmark
The Silence of Others
by Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar, USA / Spain
The Silk and the Flame
by Jordan Schiele, USA
Tinta Bruta | Hard Paint
by Marcio Reolon, Filipe Matzembacher, Brazil
Trinta Lumes | Thirty Souls
by Diana Toucedo, Spain
Xiao Mei
by Maren Hwang, Taiwan
by Idris Elba, United Kingdom
Yocho (Foreboding)
by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan
Zentralflughafen THF | Central Airport THF
by Karim Aïnouz, Germany / France / Brazil


11 x 14
by James Benning, USA
14 Apples
by Midi Z, Taiwan / Myanmar
Abnormal Family
by Masayuki Suo, Japan
by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Canada
Afrique, La pensée en mouvement Part I
by Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Senegal
Aggregat | Aggregate
by Marie Wilke, Germany
by Yoko Yamanaka, Japan
An Elephant Sitting Still
by Hu Bo, People's Republic of China
Apatride | Stateless
by Narjiss Nejjar, Morocco / France / Qatar
Aufbruch | Departure
by Ludwig Wüst, Austria
Casanovagen | Casanova Gene
by Luise Donschen, Germany
Classical Period
by Ted Fendt, USA
Con el viento | Facing the Wind
by Meritxell Colell Aparicio, Spain / Argentina / France
Den' Pobedy | Victory Day
by Sergei Loznitsa, Germany
Der Film verlässt das Kino: Vom Kübelkind-Experiment und anderen Utopien | Film Beyond Cinema: The Dumpster Kid Experiment and Other Utopias
by Robert Fischer, Germany
Die Tomorrow
by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, Thailand
Djamilia | Jamila
by Aminatou Echard, France
Drvo | The Tree
by André Gil Mata, Portugal
Fotbal infinit | Infinite Football
by Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania
Geschichten vom Kübelkind | Stories of the Dumpster Kid
by Edgar Reitz, Ula Stöckl, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Hong Sangsoo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Gushing Prayer
by Masao Adachi, Japan
Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands
by Atsushi Yamatoya, Japan
by Brian M. Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky, Canada
by Hicham Lasri, Morocco / France
Kad budem mrtav i beo | When I Am Dead and Pale
by Živojin Pavlović, Yugoslavia
Kaotični život Nade Kadić | The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadić
by Marta Hernaiz, Mexico / Bosnia and Herzegovina
La cama | The Bed
by Mónica Lairana, Argentina / Germany / Netherlands / Brazil
La casa lobo | The Wolf House
by Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña, Chile
Last Child
by Shin Dong-seok, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
L'empire de la perfection | In the Realm of Perfection
by Julien Faraut, France
Los débiles | The Weak Ones
by Raúl Rico, Eduardo Giralt Brun, Mexico
Madeline's Madeline
by Josephine Decker, USA
by Machérie Ekwa Bahango, Democratic Republic of the Congo / France
by Sandro Aguilar, Portugal
Minatomachi | Inland Sea
by Kazuhiro Soda, Japan / USA
Notes on an Appearance
by Ricky D'Ambrose, USA
Old Love
by Park Kiyong, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Our House
by Yui Kiyohara, Japan
Our Madness
by João Viana, Mozambique / Guinea-Bissau / Qatar / Portugal / France
Premières armes | First Stripes
by Jean-François Caissy, Canada
Premières solitudes | Young Solitude
by Claire Simon, France
Santo contra Cerebro del Mal | Santo vs Evil Brain
by Joselito Rodríguez, Mexico / Cuba
Shaihu Umar
by Adamu Halilu, Nigeria
SPK Komplex | SPK Complex
by Gerd Kroske, Germany
Syn | The Son
by Alexander Abaturov, France / Russian Federation
Tahia ya Didou
by Mohamed Zinet, Algeria
Teatro de guerra | Theatre of War
by Lola Arias, Argentina / Spain
The Green Fog
by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, USA / Canada
Tuzdan kaide | The Pillar of Salt
by Burak Çevik, Turkey
Unas preguntas | One or Two Questions
by Kristina Konrad, Germany / Uruguay
Waldheims Walzer | The Waldheim Waltz
by Ruth Beckermann, Austria
Wieża. Jasny dzień. | Tower. A Bright Day.
by Jagoda Szelc, Poland
Wild Relatives
by Jumana Manna, Germany / Lebanon / Norway
Yama – Attack to Attack
by Mitsuo Sato, Kyoichi Yamaoka, Japan
Yours in Sisterhood
by Irene Lusztig, USA

Forum Expanded

6144 x 1024
by Margaret Honda, USA
Aala kad al shawk - Le Voyage immobile | As Far As Yearning
by Mohamed Soueid, Ghassan Salhab, Lebanon / France
‘abl ma ‘ansa | Before I Forget
by Mariam Mekiwi, Egypt / Germany
A Movie
by Bruce Conner, USA
Another Movie
by Morgan Fisher, USA
An Untimely Film For Every One and No One
by Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri, Palestine / Armenia / USA
by Didem Pekün, Greece / Turkey / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ard al mahshar | Land of Doom
by Milad Amin, Lebanon / Syria
Article 9303
by Ash Moniz, Egypt / Canada
Bayna Hayakel Studio Baalbeck | In the Ruins of Baalbeck Studios
by Siska, Lebanon / Germany
Bläue | Blueness
by Kerstin Schroedinger, United Kingdom / Germany
Café Togo
by Musquiqui Chihying, Gregor Kasper, Germany / Taiwan
Celluloid Corridors: Sermon
by Dalia Neis, Andreas Reihse, Mohamed A. Gawad, Germany
Celluloid Corridors: Timehelix
by Mohamed A. Gawad, Dalia Neis, Andreas Reihse, Germany
Cinema Olanda Film
by Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Netherlands
Cold Body Shining
by Marta Hryniuk, Poland
Come Back Alive Baby
by Sanghee Song, Korea
Contra-Internet: Jubilee 2033
by Zach Blas, USA / United Kingdom
Die Schläferin | The Sleeper
by Alex Gerbaulet, Germany
by Jan Peter Hammer, Germany / Norway
Escape From Rented Island: The Lost Paradise of Jack Smith
by Jerry Tartaglia, USA
Eu sou o Rio | I am the River
by Gabraz Sanna, Anne Santos, Brazil
Evidence of the Evidence
by Alexander Johnston, USA
Evidentiary Bodies
by Barbara Hammer, USA
Extended Sea
by Nesrine Khodr, Lebanon / United Arab Emirates
High Dam
by Ala Younis, Jordan
by Anouk De Clercq, Tom Callemin, Belgium
L. Cohen
by James Benning, USA
Manila Scream Expanded
by Roxlee, Philippines
Namibia Today
by Laura Horelli, Germany / Finland
Onward Lossless Follows
by Michael Robinson, USA
by Deborah Stratman, USA / Canada
Pink Slime Caesar Shift
by Jen Liu, USA
RIOT: 3 Movements
by Rania Stephan, Lebanon / United Arab Emirates
Shelley Duvall is Olive Oyl
by Ken Jacobs, USA
Song for Europe
by John Smith, United Kingdom
Special Works School
by Bambitchell (Sharlene Bamboat & Alexis Mitchell), Canada / Germany
Strange Meetings
by Jane Jin Kaisen, Korea / Denmark
The Disappeared
by Adam Kaplan, Gilad Baram, Germany / Israel
The Invisible Hands
by Marina Gioti, Georges Salameh, Greece / Egypt
The Rare Event
by Ben Rivers, Ben Russell, Switzerland / France / United Kingdom
The Third Part of the Third Measure
by The Otolith Group, United Kingdom / United Arab Emirates / USA
Today is 11th June 1993
by Clarissa Thieme, Germany / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Two Basilicas | Zwei Basiliken
by Heinz Emigholz, Denmark / Germany
Ultima Ratio Δ Mountain of the Sun
by Bahar Noorizadeh, Lebanon / Canada
Wa akhiran musiba | At Last, a Tragedy
by Maya Shurbaji, Lebanon / Syria
Watching the Detectives
by Chris Kennedy, Canada
We Are Not Worried in the Least
by Jasmina Metwaly,
We Live in Silence: Chapters 1-7
by Kudzanai Chiurai, Zimbabwe


by Hans Weingartner, Germany
by Maria Solrun, Germany / Iceland / Mexico / USA
A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl | Handbuch einer 12-Jährigen
by Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Australia
Allons enfants | Cléo & Paul
by Stéphane Demoustier, France
Blaue Mäuse gibt es nicht
by Klaus Georgi, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Blue Wind Blows | Küstennebel
by Tetsuya Tomina, Japan
Brottas | Tweener | Ringen
by Julia Thelin, Sweden
Cena d’aragoste | Lobster Dinner | Hummer zum Abendbrot
by Gregorio Franchetti, USA / Italy
by Janet van den Brand, Belgium / Netherlands
Cirkeline, Coco og det vilde næsehorn | Circleen, Coco and the Wild Rhinoceros | Cirkeline, Coco und das wilde Nashorn
by Jannik Hastrup, Denmark
by Nanouk Leopold, Netherlands / Belgium / Germany
Danmark | Denmark
by Kasper Rune Larsen, Denmark
De Natura
by Lucile Hadžihalilović, Romania
Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære | The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear | Die unglaubliche Geschichte von der Riesenbirne
by Philip Einstein Lipski, Amalie Næsby Fick, Jørgen Lerdam, Denmark
Der Angsthase
by Lothar Barke, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Dikkertje Dap | My Giraffe | Mein Freund, die Giraffe
by Barbara Bredero, Netherlands / Belgium / Germany
by Pooya Badkoobeh, Iran
El día que resistía | The Endless Day | Der endlose Tag
by Alessia Chiesa, Argentina / France
Fire in Cardboard City | In Pappstadt brennt’s
by Phil Brough, New Zealand
Fisketur | Out Fishing | Angelausflug
by Uzi Geffenblad, Sweden
by Jonathan B. Behr, Germany
by Germinal Roaux, Switzerland / Belgium
by Charlotte Regan, United Kingdom
Gordon och Paddy | Gordon & Paddy | Gordon und Buffy
by Linda Hambäck, Sweden
Güvercin | The Pigeon
by Banu Sıvacı, Turkey
Hendi va Hormoz | Hendi & Hormoz
by Abbas Amini, Iran / Czech Republic
High Fantasy
by Jenna Bass, South Africa
Hvalagapet | Walschlund
by Liss-Anett Steinskog, Norway
Jaalgedi | A Curious Girl | Ein neugieriges Mädchen
by Rajesh Prasad Khatri, Nepal / France
Je fais où tu me dis | Dressed for Pleasure
by Marie de Maricourt, Switzerland
by Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert, Ulrika Bandeira, Sweden
Kiem Holijanda
by Sarah Veltmeyer, Netherlands
Kissing Candice
by Aoife McArdle, Ireland
L’ après-midi de Clémence | Clémence’s Afternoon | Ein Nachmittag mit Clémence
by Lénaïg Le Moigne, France
Les faux tatouages | Fake Tattoos
by Pascal Plante, Canada
Les rois mongols | Cross My Heart | Hand auf’s Herz
by Luc Picard, Canada
Los Bando
by Christian Lo, Norway / Sweden
Lost & Found | Fundgrube
by Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe, Australia
Mäxchen Pfiffig, Teil 4: Die große Fahrt
by Christl Wiemer, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Mochila de plomo | Packing Heavy | Bleirucksack
by Darío Mascambroni, Argentina
Na zdrowie! | Bless You!
by Paulina Ziolkowska, Poland
Neko no Hi | Cat Days | Katzentage
by Jon Frickey, Germany
Neputovanja | Untravel
by Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr., Serbia / Slovakian Republic
by Michelle Latimer, USA / Canada
Paper Crane | Papierkranich
by Takumi Kawakami, Australia
Para Aduma | Red Cow
by Tsivia Barkai Yacov, Israel
Paulchen Haselnuss
by Ina Rarisch, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Peter und der Wolf
by Günter Rätz, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Pinguin | Penguin
by Julia Ocker, Germany
Playa | Beach
by Francisco Borrajo, Mexico
Pop Rox
by Nate Trinrud, USA
Premier amour | First Love
by Jules Carrin, Switzerland
by Álvaro Delgado-Aparicio L., Peru / Germany / Norway
Sekala Niskala | The Seen and Unseen | Sichtbar und unsichtbar
by Kamila Andini, Indonesia / Netherlands / Australia / Qatar
Sinfonía de un mar triste | Symphony of a Sad Sea
by Carlos Morales, Mexico
Snijeg za Vodu | Snow for Water | Schnee für Wasser
by Christopher Villiers, Bosnia and Herzegovina / United Kingdom
Supa Modo
by Likarion Wainaina, Germany / Kenya
Tangles and Knots
by Renée Marie Petropoulos, Australia
Three Centimetres
by Lara Zeidan, United Kingdom
Toda mi alegría | All My Joy | Augenblicke meiner Freude
by Micaela Gonzalo, Argentina
Tråder | Threads | Bänder
by Torill Kove, Norway / Canada
Trois rêves de ma jeunesse | Three Dreams of My Childhood | Drei Träume meiner Kindheit
by Valérie Mréjen, Bertrand Schefer, Romania
Unicórnio | Unicorn
by Eduardo Nunes, Brazil
Vdol’ i poperyok | Between the Lines | Zwischen den Streifen
by Maria Koneva, Russian Federation
Vermine | Vermin
by Jeremie Becquer, Denmark
Viel zu klein
by Monika Anderson, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Virus Tropical
by Santiago Caicedo, Colombia
by Samira Ghahremani, Austria
Wang Zha de yuxue | Wangdrak’s Rain Boots | Wangdraks Gummistiefel
by Lhapal Gyal, People's Republic of China
What Walaa Wants
by Christy Garland, Canada / Denmark
by Edison Sánchez, Colombia

Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Die defekte Katze | A Dysfunctional Cat
by Susan Gordanshekan, Germany
draußen | outside
by Johanna Sunder-Plassmann, Tama Tobias-Macht, Germany
Feierabendbier | After-Work Beer
by Ben Brummer, Germany
Film Wanderungen | Film Walks
Impreza – Das Fest | Impreza – The Celebration
by Alexandra Wesolowski, Germany
Kein sicherer Ort | No Safe Place
by Antje Beine, Germany
Kineski zid | Great Wall of China | Chinesische Mauer
by Aleksandra Odić, Germany
Landrauschen | Country Noise
by Lisa Miller, Germany
by Tilman Singer, Germany
Ohne diese Welt | Without this World
by Nora Fingscheidt, Germany

by Sophia Bösch, Germany / Sweden
Rückenwind von vorn | Away You Go
by Philipp Eichholtz, Germany
Storkow Kalifornia
by Kolja Malik, Germany
The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Life
by Zita Erffa, Germany / Mexico
Überall wo wir sind | Everywhere We Are
by Veronika Kaserer, Germany
Verlorene | Lost Ones
by Felix Hassenfratz, Germany
Whatever Happens Next
by Julian Pörksen, Germany / Poland


Abwege | The Devious Path
by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Alexanderplatz überrumpelt | Alexanderplatz Unawares
by Peter Pewas, Germany (through 1945)
Alle Kreise erfasst Tolirag | Tolirag Circles
by Oskar Fischinger,
by Hermann Diehl, Ferdinand Diehl, Germany (through 1945)
Brüder | Brothers
by Werner Hochbaum, Germany (through 1945)
Christian Wahnschaffe, Teil 1: Weltbrand | Christian Wahnschaffe, Part 1: World Afire
by Urban Gad, Germany (through 1945)
Christian Wahnschaffe, Teil 2: Die Flucht aus dem goldenen Kerker | Christian Wahnschaffe, Part 2: The Escape from the Golden Prison
by Urban Gad, Germany (through 1945)
Das Abenteuer einer schönen Frau | The Adventure of Thea Roland
by Hermann Kosterlitz, Germany (through 1945)
Das blaue Licht | The Blue Light
by Leni Riefenstahl, Germany (through 1945)
Das Lied vom Leben | The Song of Life
by Alexis Granowsky, Germany (through 1945)
Das Wunder | The Miracle
by Julius Pinschewer, Walther Ruttmann, Germany (through 1945)
Der Favorit der Königin | The Queen's Favourite
by Franz Seitz sen., Germany (through 1945)
Der Himmel auf Erden | Heaven on Earth
by Reinhold Schünzel, Alfred Schirokauer, Germany (through 1945)
Der Kampf ums Matterhorn | Fight for the Matterhorn
by Mario Bonnard, Nunzio Malasomma, Germany (through 1945)
Der Katzensteg | Regina, or the Sins of the Father
by Gerhard Lamprecht, Germany (through 1945)
Der Sieger | The Victor
by Julius Pinschewer, Walther Ruttmann, Germany (through 1945)
Die andere Seite | The Other Side
by Heinz Paul, Germany (through 1945)
Die Carmen von St. Pauli | Docks of Hamburg
by Erich Waschneck, Germany (through 1945)
Die Leuchte Asiens | The Light of Asia / Prem sanyas
by Franz Osten, Germany (through 1945) / India
Die Unehelichen | Children of no Importance
by Gerhard Lamprecht, Germany (through 1945)
Farbfilmversuche. Demo-Film für Sirius-Farbverfahren | Colour Tests. Demo Film for Sirius Colour System
by Ludwig Horst, Hans Horst, Germany (through 1945)
Filmstudie | Film Study
by Hans Richter, Germany (through 1945)
Fischfang in der Rhön (an der Sinn) | Fishing in the Rhön Mountains (in the Sinn River)
by Ella Bergmann-Michel, Germany (through 1945)
Frühlings Erwachen | Spring Awakening
by Richard Oswald, Germany (through 1945)
Heimkehr | Homecoming
by Joe May, Germany (through 1945)
Ihre Majestät die Liebe | Her Majesty, Love
by Joe May, Germany (through 1945)
Im Auto durch zwei Welten | Across Two Worlds by Car
by Clärenore Stinnes, Carl-Axel Söderström, Germany (through 1945)
In einer kleinen Konditorei | In a Small Café
Germany (through 1945)
by Hans Richter, Germany (through 1945)
Kameradschaft / La tragédie de la mine | Comradeship
by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Germany (through 1945) / France
Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern | Ludwig II of Bavaria
by Wilhelm Dieterle, Germany (through 1945)
Markt in Berlin | Open-air Market in Berlin
by Wilfried Basse, Germany (through 1945)
Menschen im Busch | People in the Bush
by Friedrich Dalsheim, Gulla Pfeffer, Germany (through 1945)
Milak, der Grönlandjäger | The Great Unknown
by Bernhard Villinger, Georg Asagaroff, Germany (through 1945)
Mit der Kamera durch Alt-Berlin | A Camera Journey Through Old Berlin
Germany (through 1945)
Morgen beginnt das Leben | Life Begins Tomorrow
by Werner Hochbaum, Germany (through 1945)
by Robert Reinert, Germany (through 1945)
Palmenzauber | Palm Magic
by Wolfgang Kaskeline, Germany (through 1945)
Pitsch und Patsch | Pitter and Patter
by Rudolf Pfenninger, Germany (through 1945)
Polizeibericht Überfall | Police Report of Mugging
by Ernö Metzner, Germany (through 1945)
Song. Die Liebe eines armen Menschenkindes | Show Life
by Richard Eichberg, Germany (through 1945) / United Kingdom
Sprengbagger 1010 | Blast Excavator 1010
by Karl-Ludwig Acház-Duisberg, Germany (through 1945)
Wasserfreuden im Tierpark | The Joy of Water at the Zoo
Germany (through 1945)
Wo wohnen alte Leute? | Where the Old People Live
by Ella Bergmann-Michel, Germany (through 1945)
Zwei Farben | Two Colours
by Wolfgang Kaskeline, Germany (through 1945)


by Lars von Trier, Denmark / Germany / France / Sweden / Italy / Poland
Auto Focus
by Paul Schrader, USA
Mississippi Burning
by Alan Parker, USA
by Abel Ferrara, France / Italy / Belgium
by Oliver Stone, USA
Shadow of the Vampire
by E. Elias Merhige, USA / United Kingdom / Luxembourg
The Hunter
by Daniel Nettheim, Australia
The Last Temptation of Christ | Die letzte Versuchung Christi
by Martin Scorsese, USA / Canada
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou | Die Tiefseetaucher
by Wes Anderson, USA
To Live and Die in L. A. | Leben und Sterben in L.A.
by William Friedkin, USA

Berlinale Classics

Az én XX. századom | My 20th Century | Mein 20. Jahrhundert
by Ildikó Enyedi, Hungary / Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Das alte Gesetz | The Ancient Law
by Ewald André Dupont, Germany (through 1945)
Der Himmel über Berlin | Wings of Desire
by Wim Wenders, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / France
Fail Safe | Angriffsziel Moskau
by Sidney Lumet, USA
HaChayim Al-Pi Agfa | Life According to Agfa | Life According to Agfa – Nachtaufnahmen
by Assi Dayan, Israel
Letjat schurawli | The Cranes Are Flying | Wenn die Kraniche ziehen
by Michail Kalatosow, UDSSR
Tokyo Boshoku | Tokyo Twilight | Tokio in der Dämmerung
by Yasujiro Ozu, Japan

NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

Fata Morgana
by Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio, Finland
MA’OHI NUI, au cœur de l’océan mon pays | MA’OHI NUI, in the heart of the ocean my country lies
by Annick Ghijzelings, Belgium
Three Thousand
by Asinnajaq, Canada

Culinary Cinema

Chef Flynn
by Cameron Yates, USA
Cuban Food Stories
by Asori Soto, USA / Cuba
La quête d’Alain Ducasse | The Quest of Alain Ducasse
by Gilles de Maistre, France
Lorello e Brunello
by Jacopo Quadri, Italy
Our Blood is Wine
by Emily Railsback, USA
by Lisa F. Jackson, Sarah Teale, USA
Ramen Teh
by Eric Khoo, Singapore / Japan / France
by Thomas Morgan, USA
The Game Changers
by Louie Psihoyos, USA
The Green Lie | Die Grüne Lüge
by Werner Boote, Austria