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Los débiles

The Weak Ones

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The stoic Victor gets into an argument with The Selfie, a member of a youth gang. Soon afterwards, Victor’s dogs are murdered. He arms himself and sets out for revenge, in search of the rival who’s now disappeared without a trace. But the journey proves difficult, taking Victor through Sinaloa, the stretch of land on Mexico’s Pacific coast that a ruthless criminal cartel has transformed into bloody terrain. Violence and death are part of everyday life here. Victor’s journey is hemmed in by an eccentric cast of characters, each of whom reveals a new clue on where The Selfie might be found – until the two rivals finally meet in a brilliant and unexpected finale.
With Los débiles, directors Raúl Rico and Eduardo Giralt Brun deliver a contemporary spin on a the classic tale of crime and punishment, a virtuoso accomplishment that achieves the seemingly impossible: a revenge film in which the need for vengeance ultimately fades into the background. With calm and composed camera work and marvellously droll humour, they have created a road movie extraordinarily rich in atmosphere, featuring striking locales in a fascinating landscape that manages to be two things at once: heaven and hell.

Raúl Rico
Eduardo Giralt Brun

Mexico 2018


65’ · Colour

World premiere


José Luis Lizárraga (Victor)
Eduardo Martínez (López)
Javier Díaz Dalannais (The Fisherman)
Javier Chimaldi (Don Kike)
Joshua Estrada (Selfie)
Eduardo Rauda (Carles)
Sean Hennessey (El Gringo)
Ulises Bojorquez (Heavy Metal Player)
Eduardo Carreón (El Don)
Cruz Tirado (La Kim)


Written and Directed by
Raúl Rico, Eduardo Giralt Brun
Diego Rodríguez
Raúl Rico, Jonathan Pellicer
Alonso Esquinca
Sound Design
Thomas Becka
Ariel Baca
Production Design
Ursula Schneider
Raúl Rico, Eduardo Giralt Brun


Raúl Rico

Born in Mazatlán, Mexico in 1983. He studied Business Administration and International Business. Los débiles is his first feature film.


2014 Noche de Resurrecciones; 59 min. 2018 Los débiles

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Eduardo Giralt Brun

Born in Miami, Florida, USA in 1987. He studied Film and Video at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston. Los débiles is his first feature film.


2010 Haití 2011 Luis 2013 No te de voy a dejar sola 2015 The Double Gaze 2018 Los débiles

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Luz Verde

World sales

Luz Verde