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Cinema Olanda Film


Shot in a single uncut sequence, Cinema Olanda Film connects an architectural location, a number of individuals, and past and present events through a momentary filmic reality. Situated in one of the Netherland's exemplary modernist postwar districts designed by the Bauhaus trained Lotte Stam-Beese, who became one of Rotterdam’s main urban planners in the 1950s, the film alludes to the presence of multiple voices behind the screen of Dutch postwar society, which was reimagining itself as a uniform modern state.
Filmed in a single day with live production of script and music, by a contemporary cast of individuals with a personal or professional relationship to the questions raised, references range from the Dutch Caribbean revolutionary Otto Huiswoud, who from his base in Amsterdam in the 1950s formed an impressive link with Black intellectual, political, and cultural life in Paris, London, and New York, to the popular 1950s Indo-rock music associated with the massive post-independence immigration from Indonesia.

Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Netherlands 2017


Documentary form
17’ · Colour


Maria van Enckevort Cijntje
Hanneke Oosterhof
Lizzy van Leeuwen
Patricia Kaersenhout
Mitchell Esajas


Written and directed by
Wendelien van Oldenborgh
Smina Bluth
Wendelien van Oldenborgh
Sound Design
Titus Maderlechner
Titus Maderlechner
Viola Sarkodee
Assistant Director
Fabian Altenried
Production Manager
Sophie Ahrens
Fabian Altenried, Sophie Ahrens


Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Wendelien van Oldenborgh was born in 1962 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where she is based as an artist. She develops works in which the cinematic format is used as a methodology for production and as the basic language for various forms of presentation. She often uses the format of a public film shoot, collaborating with participants in different scenarios to co-produce a script and orientate the work towards its final outcome. She has participated in various large biennials, and in smaller dedicated shows. With Cinema Olanda she represented the Netherlands at the 57th Venice Biennale. She has participated in Forum Expanded with Pertinho de Alphaville (2010), La Javanaise (2012), and Beauty and the Right to the Ugly (2014).


1996 St Anna; Super-8 loop, film installation 1997 Horizontal; Super-8 loop, film installation 1998 Splitising; Super-8 loop, film installation 1999 It's full of holes, it's full of holes; 24 min. and 16 min. 2001 Stadtluft; 34 min. and 23 min. 2002 Studio. Rotterdam. 2005 The Basis for a Song 2006 Maurits Script 2008 Sound Track Stage · No False Echoes · Lecture/Audience/Camera · Maurits Film 2009 Après la reprise, la prise · Instruction 2010 Pertinho de Alphaville 2011 Supposing I love you. And you also love me 2012 Bete & Deise · La Javanaise 2014 Beauty and the Right to the Ugly 2015 From Left to Night 2016 Prologue: Squat/Anti-Squat 2018 Cinema Olanda Film

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Produced by

Schuldenberg Films