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Generation Kplus

Lost & Found


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In the lost-and-found box, the crocheted dinosaur wakes up, scrambles upright and peeks over the side. How quiet and peaceful the Japanese restaurant is in the morning! The crocheted fox has sneaked out to the garden and is pensively watching water trickle through the rocking fountain. A moment of perfect harmony – with no indication of the drama that is about to unravel. An emotional race against time; a parable of love and willpower.

Andrew Goldsmith
Bradley Slabe

Australia 2018

Without dialogue

8’ · Colour

recommendation: 4 years and up

World premiere


Maria Angelico (Fox)
Marc Gallagher (Dinosaur)


Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe
Bradley Slabe
Gerald Thompson
Samuel Lewis
Andrew Goldsmith, John Gavin
Adrian Sergovich, Jonathan Dreyfus
Sound Design
Ryan Granger
Production Design
Rennie Watson
Lucy Hayes


Andrew Goldsmith

As a trained visual effects artist and animator he uses different filmic techniques to help him create his work. He is an award-winning commercials director and has also created music videos and short films. His work has won multiple prizes. His most recent creation is a short animation film for ‘Sesame Street’.


2010 Videotape; short film 2014 Hudson & Troop: Frameless; short film 2017 10 Brave Knights; short film 2018 Lost & Found; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Bradley Slabe

The multi-award-winning writer and director studied screenwriting at the Australian Film Television and Radio School where he now holds guest lectures in story and animation. He has worked in story development and is currently writing for children’s film and television productions.


2005 Short; short film 2017 Kitty Is Not a Cat; TV series 2018 Lost & Found; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Wabi Sabi Studios