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Generation Kplus

Neko no Hi

Cat Days


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As Jiro suddenly seems to have lost his appetite for pancakes and syrup, his dad knows something’s not right. The doctor quickly figures it out: Jiro has cat flu. Harmless, it’s true, and rapid recovery is common, but something about the diagnosis is odd. Aren’t cats the only ones who can catch cat flu? In beautifully abstracted images and with deep devotion to detail, illustrator Jon Frickey tells an almost commonplace story.

Jon Frickey

Germany 2018


11’ · Colour

recommendation: 4 years and up

World premiere


Kanon Yamamoto (Jiro)
Yusuke Yamasaki (Daddy)
Iroha Sato (Little girl)
Shinobu Sawada (Doctor)
Fumio Okura (Animal shelter employee)
Yuna Fujiwara (Narrator)


Written and Directed by
Jon Frickey
Jon Frickey
Jon Frickey
Gofish Trio & Satoko Shibata
Sound Design
David Kamp
Tobi Taskin, Steven Hofmann, Adriana Espinal
Takashi Horiguchi
Jon Frickey, Takashi Horiguchi


Jon Frickey

Born in Stade, Germany in 1979, he currently lives and works in Hamburg. Having previously worked as an art director in advertising, he has been a freelance filmmaker and illustrator since 2006. Neko no Hi (Cat Days) is his first short film for children. For the translation and voice recording of the film he collaborated closely with Japanese artist Takashi Horiguchi.


2007 Keine Angst vorm Atom! (Don’t Fear the Atom!); short film 2008 Bankenkrise (Financial Crisis); short film 2010 mr. iiuu & the Nasty Bird; short film 2013 Michelles Opfer (Michelle’s Sacrifice); short film 2018 Neko no Hi (Cat Days); short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Jon Frickey