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Old Love

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After a long time away, Yoon-hee returns home from Canada to look after her mother, who has Alzheimer’s. As she smokes a cigarette while waiting for the bus at the airport, she recognises the voice of her love from student days, Jung-soo. The two arrange to have dinner.
Airports are places of reunion and thus point to these two lives in transit, to the feeling of being a mere visitor in one’s own life. As the two walk through Seoul in winter, there is mainly silence, with only a few facts exchanged. Now in their late 40s, they were part of a theatre group when they met and the film succeeds in bringing their lives back to the stage without seeming static or theatrical. It is not grand words, but much more the lowering of eyelids, the nuances of emphasis, the open and reserved gazes, which betray the sense that their lives haven’t gone as they would have liked. Sometimes looking back into the past reinforces the melancholy, sometimes it creates clarity. And sometimes a film needs nothing more than an attentive camera and the director’s empathetic gaze.

Park Kiyong

Republic of Korea 2017


90’ · Colour


Yoo Jung-ah (Yoonhee)
Kim Tae-hoon (Jungsoo)
Kim Moonhee (Moonhee)


Written and Directed by
Park Kiyong
Tsutomu Ogawa
Park Kiyong
Hiroyuki Nagashima
Sound Design
Hiroyuki Nagashima, Namgyu Ha
Namgyu Ha
Park Kiyong


Park Kiyong

Born in South Korea in 1961. He completed studies in Film at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in 1983, and in Film Directing at the Korea Film Academy in 1997. He then worked on film productions in a variety of different functions. Park Kiyong currently teaches at the Korea Film Academy.


1997 Motel Seoninjang (Motel Cactus); 91 Min., Forum 1998 2001 Digital Tamsek (Digital Search); 30 min. · Nakta(dul) (Camel(s)); 91 Min., Forum 2002 2011 Moving; 94 min. 2013 Garibong; 80 min. 2014 Swin (Fifties); 95 min. 2015 Yeongil (Yanji); 100 min. 2016 Jiokdo (Picture of Hell); 93 min. 2017 Old Love

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