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Kaotični život Nade Kadić

The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadić

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The budgerigar flits through the flat and Nada dyes her hair while watching a music video; her small daughter plays around with liquids among the unwashed dishes whilst balancing dangerously on a kitchen stool. Then the fridge breaks down. Thankfully, the television still has a hypnotic effect. At first glance, this is all just the chaotic daily life of a young single mother. But Nada’s daughter Hava has been diagnosed with a form of autism – an additional challenge that leads to absurd situations with the authorities and the two-tier health system. No wonder Nada wants to escape Sarajevo. So the mother and daughter set off in a clapped out old Yugo for an adventure in the Bosnian countryside. The camera calms down in the foggy, rainy landscape. In this film, it takes on the role of an ally for the pair, who otherwise have no one. It both imbues the film with Hava’s intensity before coming to its senses again and maintaining an overview of Nada Kadic’s chaotic, yet undaunted life in her small apartment.

Marta Hernaiz

Mexico / Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018


85’ · Colour

World premiere


Aida Hadžibegović (Nada)
Hava Đombić (Hava)


Marta Hernaiz
Marta Hernaiz, in collaboration with Aida Hadžibegović
Jorge Bolado
Marta Hernaiz, in collaboration with Mariana Rodríguez
Jorge Bolado
Sound Design
Jorge Bolado
Daniel Loustaunau
Marta Hernaiz, Cine Vendaval, Jorge Bolado, Alen Ljubuncic


Marta Hernaiz

Born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1988. She completed a degree in Film Studies and works as a cinematographer and producer. Kaotični život Nade Kadić is her first feature film.


2012 Pollito Chicken, Gallina Hen; 15 min. 2015 The Empty Nest; 25 min. 2016 Dobro; 15 min. 2018 Kaotični život Nade Kadić

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Cine Vendaval

Jorge Bolado