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Figlia mia

Daughter of Mine

Paolo Del Brocco (CEO Rai Cinema), Marta Donzelli (Producer), Michele Carboni (Actor), Udo Kier (Actor), Alba Rohrwacher (Actress), Valeria Golino (Actress), Laura Bispuri (Director, Screenwriter)

Moderation: Vincenzo Bugno

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Ten-year-old Vittoria is growing up in a Sardinian village untouched by tourism. One day at a rodeo she meets the impetuous Angelica, who is completely different to her own caring mother Tina. Vittoria does not suspect that the two women are connected by a secret. Tina has been visiting Angelica for a long time on the run-down farm where Angelica lives a happy-go-lucky life with some old horses and a faithful dog. Tina is not at all happy about Angelica and her daughter Vittoria getting to know each other. In debt, Angelica decides to move to the mainland. Relieved, Tina offers her financial support, but she cannot prevent further encounters between the two. Captivated by this fearless, independent woman, Vittoria begins rediscovering the island with her.
As in her directing debut, Vergine giurata, Laura Bispuri once again follows her protagonist as she encounters, imitates and questions several role models until she gradually discovers who she is. The warm light of a Sardinian summer accompanies Vittoria on her turbulent journey.

Laura Bispuri

Italy / Germany / Switzerland 2018


100’ · Colour

World premiere


Valeria Golino (Tina)
Alba Rohrwacher (Angelica)
Sara Casu (Vittoria)
Udo Kier (Bruno)
Michele Carboni (Umberto)


Laura Bispuri
Francesca Manieri, Laura Bispuri
Vladan Radovic
Carlotta Cristiani
Nando Di Cosimo
Sound Design
Emil Klotzsch
Stefano Campus
Production Design
Ilaria Sadun
Antonella Cannarozzi
Frédérique Foglia
Assistant Director
Vincenzo Rosa
Francesca Borromeo
Production Manager
Gian Luca Chiaretti
Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa, Maurizio Totti, Alessandro Usai, Michael Weber, Viola Fügen, Dan Wechsler
Rai Cinema, Rom
ZDF - Das Kleine Fernsehspiel in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE, Mainz
RSI Radio Televisione Svizzera, Lugano


Laura Bispuri

After graduating with a film degree from the Sapienza University of Rome, she directed short films including Passing Time which won the 2010 David di Donatello Award for Best Short Film. In 2011 with Biondina she won the Nastro D’Argento Italian film critics' award for best new talent of the year. Her feature film debut Vergine giurata premiered in the 2015 Berlinale Competition and went on to be screened at over 80 festivals worldwide, winning numerous awards.


2010 Passing Time; short film 2011 Biondina; short film 2015 Vergine giurata (Sworn Virgin) 2018 Figlia mia (Daughter of Mine)

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Colorado Film

Match Factory Productions

Bord Cadre Films

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