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Generation Kplus

Vdol’ i poperyok

Between the Lines

Zwischen den Streifen

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Swinging jazz music, swaying hips and fluttering eyelashes. A lonely zebra longs to find a partner – and wherever it turns, it sees other animals who have already found partners. It’s enough to drive a zebra crazy. In a mesmerizing dance of shifting black and white lines, flickering circles, blinking eyes and swaying bodies this charming film tells a love story set to the rhythm of the music.

Maria Koneva

Russian Federation 2018

Without language

5’ · Black/White

recommendation: 4 years and up

World premiere


Written and Directed by
Maria Koneva
Maria Koneva
Production Design
Maria Koneva
Executive Producer
Vadim Pegasov
Vadim Pegasov


Maria Koneva

Born in Kaluga, Russia in 1989, she is a director and animator. After completing high school, she moved to Moscow and began shooting short stop-motion films and commercials with a small group of friends. A co-founder of the 7BiOz animation studio, she graduated from the SHAR Studio and Animation School in Moscow in 2015.


2016 Obrasowatch; TV series, one episode 2018 Vdol’ i poperyok (Between the Lines); short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Aqwarius Films