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The Pigeon

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‘Maverdi. Won’t you talk to them? Why are you not going over there? They are your kind.’

On a rooftop in Adana, Yusuf cares for the pigeons in his dovecote. His favourite bird is called Maverdi. To lure it even closer, he sometimes puts a seed between his lips for it to peck. The light grey pigeon is an outsider in the dovecote, just as Yusuf is in society, where he has to face ignorance and violence. The young man’s face rarely brightens up, and the pressure from his brother to go out to work makes things even worse. In her debut feature film, Banu Sıvacı evokes a genuine sense of empathy for the apparently fragile then fiercely rebellious loner who is fighting for a small joy that most people seem to begrudge him.

Banu Sıvacı

Turkey 2018


76’ · Colour

World premiere


Kemal Burak Alper (Yusuf)
Ruhi Sarı (Halil)
Michal Elia Kamal (Gülfem)
Demet Genç (Rümeysa)
Mazlum Taşkıran (İrfan)
Evren Erler (Seymen)
Emin Özdenvar (İsmet)
Maverdi (Maverdi)


Written and directed by
Banu Sıvacı
Director of Photography
Arda Yıldıran
Mesut Ulutaş
Canset Özge Can
Sound Design
Uğur Akagündüz
Abidin Tan
Production Design
Tuğba Gül Poyraz
Sultan Sıvacı
Assistant Director
Sema Aytaç
Production Management
Ertan Erdal
Mesut Ulutaş, Banu Sıvacı
Zeynep Koray, Levent Arslan


Banu Sıvacı

Born in Adana, Turkey in 1987, she studied fine arts with a focus on painting at Çukurova University in Adana. She has worked on various films as an assistant director and has directed several short films.


2003 Hayalim Tahtadan (My Wooden Dream); short film 2005 Başka Dokunuş (Another Touch); short film 2012 Savaş Alanı (Battle Zone); short film 2015 Faik; short film 2018 Güvercin (The Pigeon)

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