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High Fantasy

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‘I’m not trying to escape who I am. This is it, I was born in this body and I can’t escape it, no. Am I angry at what it is? Yes.’

An innocuous idea, since you can assume it would never actually happen: finding yourself in someone else’s body. Yet that is exactly what befalls Lexi and her friends during a camping trip. The shock is immense, especially given the friction that had already existed before the inexplicable event: not only between the three young women and Thami, the only man – but also between Lexi, who is white, and Xoli, who is black. Under the body swapping spell, conflicts erupt that are symptomatic of social upheaval in the South African rainbow nation. Captured with the protagonists’ smartphones, what unfolds is a shrewd and cutting essay on the politics of the body, decades after the end of apartheid.

Jenna Bass

South Africa 2017


74’ · Colour


Qondiswa James (Xoli)
Nala Khumalo (Thami)
Francesca Varrie Michel (Lexi)
Liza Scholtz (Tatiana)
Loren Loubser (Stacey Lee)
Francois Immelman (Francois)
Jenna Bass (Interviewer)


Jenna Bass
Jenna Bass, Qondiswa James, Nala Khumalo, Francesca Varrie Michel, Liza Scholtz, Loren Loubser
Qondiswa James, Nala Khumalo, Francesca Varrie Michel, Liza Scholtz, Loren Loubser, Jenna Bass
Kyle Wallace
Jason Sutherland
Production Design
Chantell Lungiswa Joe, Jenna Bass
Chantell Lungiswa Joe, Jenna Bass
Kelly-Eve Koopman, Sarah Summers
Assistant Director
Rafeeqah Galant
Executive Producer
Irshaad Ebrahim
Production Management
Hessam Binesh
Jenna Bass, Steven Markovitz, David Horler
Simon Ratcliffe, Désirée Nosbusch, Alexandra Hoesdorff, Tamsin Ranger


Jenna Bass

Born in London, UK in 1986, she grew up in South Africa where she now lives. She is a filmmaker who graduated from the AFDA Film School in Cape Town. Her short film The Tunnel screened at the 2010 Berlinale, her debut feature Love the One You Love was presented at numerous international festivals. High Fantasy premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017 and screened in Generation in 2018. Together with Wanuri Kahiu, she co-wrote the coming-of-age romance Rafiki which premiered in Cannes in 2018.


2010 The Tunnel; short film, Berlinale Shorts 2014 Love the One You Love 2017 High Fantasy; Generation

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