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Classical Period

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What are a few references among friends? But for Cal and his circle, it’s hardly a few. They barely conduct a single conversation that doesn’t revolve around architecture, literature, theology, history. Each set of ideas leads seamlessly into the next, until the flow they form is endless, there are always more footnotes, theoretical perspectives, cantos, translations to cite, so many ways of keeping everyday life at bay. When Cal, Evelyn, Chris et al. exchange all this absurdly specific knowledge, they do so with such earnest relentlessness that it’s hard to suppress a smile, although melancholy is never far away. Cal is frequently by himself, turning pages in silence in shadowy rooms, while Evelyn paces the streets of Philadelphia when she can’t sleep, at night, alone. Even when the group gets together, they often remain apart in the frame with no wider shot to connect them, one face holds forth, another stays silent, are they even in the same place at all? Evelyn wishes it were possible to speak more directly, but perhaps that’s the defining feature of the period, not the classical one, this one. You speak, you listen, there’s nothing in between.

Ted Fendt

USA 2018


62’ · Colour · 16 mm

World premiere


Calvin Engime (Cal)
Evelyn Emile (Evelyn)
Sam Ritterman (Sam)
Christopher Stump (Chris)
Michael Carwile (Michael)


Written and Directed by
Ted Fendt
Sage Einarsen
Ted Fendt
Sound Design
Daniel D'Errico
Sean Dunn
Production Design
Britni West
Graham Swon, Ted Fendt


Ted Fendt

Born in Philadelphia, USA in 1989. He works as a filmmaker and translator.


2012 Broken Specs; 6 min. 2013 Travel Plans; 7 min. 2014 Going Out; 8 min. 2016 Short Stay; 61 Min., Forum 2016 2017 Study with Book; 1 min. 2018 Classical Period

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Graham Swon

Ted Fendt

World sales

Ted Fendt