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Tangles and Knots

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Everything is ready for the party: The jello shots are done, the armpits waxed. The girl and her mother have made all the preparations together but now, as the party guests relax around the pool, the older of the two women doesn’t step into the background. She becomes the centre of attention among the male guests, resulting in tangled roles. The tricky balance between intimacy and distance is captured by the director in a sensual tapestry of images.

Renée Marie Petropoulos

Australia 2017


17’ · Colour


Leeanna Walsman (Michelle)
Odessa Young (Laura)
Mitzi Ruhlmann (Jessa)
Toby Wallace (Taylor)
Govinda Röser-Finch (Sam)
Bryn Chapman Parish (Nathan)


Written and directed by
Renée Marie Petropoulos
Zoë White
Renée Marie Petropoulos, Chelsea Taylor
Sound Design
Eli Cohn
Pete Deluhunty
Production Design
Diva Abrahamian
Lucia Arias-Martinez
Candice Hickson
Stevie Ray
Assistant Director
Stefanie Foerster
Production Management
Yingna Lu
Executive Producer
Alexandra Petropoulos
Janet Brown
Yingna Lu, Kristin Frost
Paper Moose, Sydney


Renée Marie Petropoulos

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia by a very large, loud and loving Greek family. She studied communications at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with a focus on media arts and production. Whilst there, she made the short film Beneath the Waves which screened and won prizes at several film festivals. Upon graduation, she studied film at Columbia University where she made Ana which also met with festival success. Her current films focus on stories with strong female protagonists.

Filmography (short films)

2011 Beneath the Waves; short film 2016 Ana; short film 2017 Tangles and Knots; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Jars Productions