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Generation Kplus

Snijeg za Vodu

Snow for Water

Schnee für Wasser

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Wrapped in a blanket, Ema and her younger brother Adi are standing by the window. It is snowing in the besieged city of Sarajevo. Gunfire thunders in the distance. Bucket after bucket they haul snow into the bathtub, to provide water for the family, dreaming of bread with jam, playing boisterously in the courtyard. In a bombed-out building nearby, snipers lurk with loaded guns. A sensitive, yet non-protective observation of childhood in times of war.

Christopher Villiers

Bosnia and Herzegovina / United Kingdom 2017


15’ · Colour

recommendation: 12 years and up


India Tanović (Ema)
Hadrian Tanović (Adi)
Izudin Bajrović (Father)
Saša Krmpotić (Sniper)
Amar Čustović (Spotter)
Davor Golubović (Sergeant)
Elza Gradaščević (Dead girl)


Written and directed by
Christopher Villiers
Louis Brennan
Bojan Mijatović, Ahmed Imamović, Gigi Cone Welch
Michael Csanyi-Wills
Sound Design
Samir Fočo
Vanja Kurtović
Art Director
Lana Pašić
Neira Sinanbašić
Naida Đekić
Assistant Director
Mirza Mutevelić
Production Management
Mersiha Halilović
Executive Producers
Cat Villiers, Emina Ganić, Adnan Cuhara
Christopher Villiers, Mirza Mutevelić
The Obala Art Centar, Sarajevo


Christopher Villiers

Born in London, UK in 1960, he comes from a family of filmmakers and is an actor, screenwriter and playwright as well as a director of film and theatre. He founded and leads 2020 Casting, one of the UK’s leading film and television casting agencies and passes on his experience in this area in masterclasses and workshops.


2007 Shotgun Wedding; short film 2009 Postcards from the Front; short film 2010 Mathilde of Bayeaux; short film 2015 Four Tails; short film 2017 Snijeg za Vodu (Snow for Water); short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Sarajevo Film Academy

2020 Productions