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The Hunter

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A bio-tech company based in Germany sends professional hunter Martin David down under to hunt down and kill the last Tasmanian tiger in existence. The species has been declared extinct, but its DNA contains a gene that could be extremely profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. In Tasmania, Martin gets in the middle of a conflict between lumberjacks and environmentalists, which brings him unwanted attention. When he then conspicuously consorts with a biologist whose husband has disappeared in the bush, and her two children, Martin’s bosses start to worry about keeping the mission secret. The hunter becomes the hunted … Against an impressive natural backdrop, Willem Dafoe proves that he is capable of carrying a film on his own, even in a role where he doesn’t speak for long stretches. Playing a modern-day trapper completely on his own, he seems to become one with the Tasmanian wilderness. In this pro-environmental thriller, he masters every physical demand. But beyond that, he gives a vivid portrayal of the moral dimension of a character for whom the confrontation with the natural world – and its economic exploitation – becomes an existential challenge.

Australia 2011


101’ · Colour · 2K DCP

Rating R12


Willem Dafoe
Frances O’Connor
Sam Neill
Morgana Davies
Finn Woodlock
Jacek Koman
Callan Mulvey
John Brumpton


Daniel Nettheim
Alice Addison, based on the novel by Julia Leigh
Robert Humphreys
Roland Gallois
Andrew Lancaster, Michael Lira, Matteo Zingales
Liam Egan
Production Design
Steven Jones-Evans
Art Director
Amanda Sallybanks
Emily Seresin
Chiara Tripodi
Vincent Sheehan

Produced by

Porchlight Films Ltd.