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HaChayim Al-Pi Agfa

Life According to Agfa

Life According to Agfa – Nachtaufnahmen

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In a Tel Aviv bar, a world of bohemians, business people, junkies, tourists, pimps, and soldiers all meet. And they are all lonely and lost. The boss Daliah dreams that her lover will remain at her side forever; barmaid Liora looks the other way as her boyfriend sleeps around with any woman who’ll have him. Waitress Daniela yearns to move to America, and Riki, who comes from a kibbutz, has as much trouble coping with life as he does with the big city … The events of a single night, captured in the black-and-white photos that gave the film its title, are a microcosm of a society that considers itself liberal and tolerant, but in which seemingly trivial actions can become explosive. At the time, director Assi Dayan stressed that HaChayim Al-Pi Agfa was not meant as a psychographic only of Israeli society, but could have been set anywhere. Not long afterwards, when prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in Tel Aviv in 1995, it would become clear how close Dayan’s apocalyptic vision was to the concrete reality in Israel. – World premiere of the digitally restored version in 4K DCP.

Assi Dayan

Israel 1992


103’ · Black/White & Colour · 4K DCP

Digitally restored version 2017

Rating R16


Gila Almagor
Shuli Rand
Irit Frank
Sharon Alexander
Avital Dicker
Dani Litani
Smadar Kilchinski
Ezra Kafri


Written and directed by
Assi Dayan
Yoav Kosh
Zohar Sela
Naftali Alter
David Liss
Art Director
Yaakov Turgeman
Einat Nir-Kosh
Dalit Davidov
Yoram Kislev, Rafi Bukaee

Produced by

Moviez Entertainment Ltd

World sales

United King Films

Restoration by
Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive
In cooperation with United King Films, Ramat Hasharon, Israel and the support of the Israel Film Fund

4K Scan: Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive
Digital image restoration: Opus Digital Lab, Tel Aviv, under the supervision of DOP Yoav Kosh