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Polizeibericht Überfall

Police Report of Mugging


A model citizen finds a coin on the street that turns out to be forged. He uses it to play dice in a tavern and makes a tidy sum. As he flees from two hoodlums who would like to relieve him of his winnings, he somehow ends up with a prostitute whose pimp is also after his money. Fleeing back to the street, he falls into the hands of the hoodlums … The censor’s office regarded this social satire, shot in avant-garde style, as nothing more than a “crime film” that “due to its accumulated brutality and harsh acts was likely to have a lowering and deadening effect”. It banned the film.

Ernö Metzner

Germany 1929

German intertitles

21’ · Black/White · 35 mm


Ernö Metzner

Film Print: Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin