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Nowhere Land

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Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq bares her soul before the camera to share the sorrow she felt when forced to leave her true Inuit life on Baffin Island. It was not always easy, survival against all odds in the barren Arctic, but it was a life of freedom and independence. Her new surroundings in the town of Igloolik have crushed her spirit. She witnesses the demise of her real home, where ore-mining companies have set up a large-scale sacrifice of a millenary culture in exchange for short-sighted financial gains.

Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq

Canada 2015

Inuktitut, English

Documentary form
15’ · Colour


Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq
Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq, Alicia Smith
Nate Smith
Christine Fellows
Sound Design
Christine Fellows
Christine Fellows
Executive Producer
David Christensen


Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq

Lives in Igloolik, Nunavut, with her partner and children. She works for the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and has made two films with the National Film Board of Canada: Family Making Sleds and Nowhere Land.


2012 Family Making Sleds 2015 Nowhere Land

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Produced by

National Film Board of Canada