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NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

Sámi Boddu

Sámi Moment

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On a small hill in the wintry tundra, two reindeer herders arrive by snowmobile to contemplate the wide horizon. Impassive, they share a cigarette and hardly any words, which is all they need to form a tight bond. This story uses dry humor to denote a distinctive way of connecting, where the white surroundings fill the silence and less is more.

Ken Are Bongo

Norway 2011

Northern Sámi

6’ · Colour


Svein Birger Olsen (Svein)
Nils Henrik Buljo (Niias)


Written and Directed by
Ken Are Bongo
Andreas Ausland
Ken Are Bongo
Sound Design
Morten Hyld Pettersen
Henriette Lille
Executive Producer
Ken Are Bongo


Ken Are Bongo

He is a producer and director working in Lakselv, Norway, where he owns a production company, Davás Film. His filmmaking focuses primarily on Indigenous storytelling and the Arctic region of his homeland.


2009 Sámi Boddu (Sámi Moment)

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Produced by

Kautokeino Film