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Sharon Lockhart’s film Rudzienko was shot over three years in collaboration with the residents of the Youth Center for Sociotherapy in Rudzienko, Poland. Building on a relationship she established in 2009 with a young girl, Milena, who later moved to the center, Lockhart conceived of a series of workshops to empower the young women to find their voice. The group worked together to develop dialog and movements out of their collective activities. The resulting film depicts a mix of conversations, from the philosophical to everyday teenage concerns, and actions both theatrical and mundane voicing the girls’ rich humanity. The Polish language film proposes an innovative approach to the relationship of image to language by offsetting the conversations with their textual translations into English, creating a space of quiet reflection.

Sharon Lockhart

USA / Poland 2016


53’ · Colour


Julia Barbarewicz
Weronika Buła
Aleksandra Ciechomska
Katarzyna Drozd
Małgorzata Jańczyk
Natalia Kruk
Dżesika Łazinka
Klaudia Matyja
Vanessa Mazur
Weronika Mechlińska
Agnieszka Miller
Selena Mroczek
Marta Olszewska
Nadia Ozga
Patrycja Pietrucianis
Natalia Rutkowska
Anna Rutz
Marcelina Skiba
Milena Słowińska
Weronika Szałapska
Wiktoria Szcześniak
Andżelika Szczepańska
Klaudia Tomczak
Anita Wyka


Sharon Lockhart
Yori Fabian, Colin Trenbeath
May Rigler
Zofia Moruś, Ola Pniak
Wojtek Markowski, Ola Knychalska, Sharon Lockhart
Purtill Family Business, title design
In Cooperation with
Małgorzata Wiśniewska, Movement Therapy Workshop, Bartosz Przybył Ołowski, philosophy workshop, Tomasz Węgorzewski, theater workshop, Joanna Pawluśkiewicz, Improvisation Workshop, Kasia Makowiecka, Mindfulness Workshop, Ewa Tatar, Dream Awareness Workshop, Ewa Piotrowska, Farming Workshop, Marcin Masecki, piano workshop, Jerzy Regiewicz, percussion workshop, Ola Markowska, vocals workshop, Gunia Nowik, Costume Workshop, Elizabeth Webb, Zindzi Zwietering, Arts Workshop


Sharon Lockhart

Sharon Lockhart, born in 1964 in Norwood, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles. Over the past twenty-five years she has created an extensive body of work in film and photography. Many of her projects involve years of in-depth research and collaboration with particular communities. Lockhart’s work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions at museums worldwide.


1994 Khalil, Shaun, a Woman under the Influence; 16 min. 1997 Goshogaoka; 63 min. 1999 Teatro Amazonas; 40 min. 2003 ; 32 min., Forum 2010 2005 Pine Flat; 137 min., Forum Expanded 2006 2008 Lunch Break; 83 min., Forum Expanded 2009 · Exit; 41 min. 2009 Podwórka; 32 min., Forum Expanded 2010 · Double Tide; 99 min., Forum 2010 2016 Rudzienko

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017

Produced by

Muddy Hill Productions

Ola Knychalska

Sharon Lockhart