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Fuera de Temporada

Out of Season

Außerhalb der Saison

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Vera and Bruno used to be a couple, but haven’t seen one another since they separated. He coincidentally appears before her during a long-awaited country house weekend with friends on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Bruno is now with Sofía. Vera is single and not unhappy about it. Shared days lie before them, surrounded by friends. It is a hot summer, and the pool is heavily frequented.
Fuera de Temporada travels in reverse within a 3-act structure. Devoid of drama, the film tells of love that no longer is, rekindled longing, and bodies drawn together.

Sabrina Campos

Argentina 2017


23’ · Colour


Margarita Molfino (Vera)
Pablo Lugones (Bruno)
Guillermina Pico (Sofía)
Martín Tchira (Genaro)
Vanina Montes (Flor)


Written and Directed by
Sabrina Campos
Santiago Guzmán
Anabela Lattanzio
Sound Design
Diego Martinez
Sabrina Campos, Juan Martín Treffinger, Juan Pablo Miller
Tarea Fina, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sabrina Campos

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978, she is an audiovisual designer who graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her first short film Salón Royale screened at over 50 festivals and won more than 20 awards. She has worked as an art director and set decorator on several productions including the feature film Refugiado by Diego Lerman which was supported by the Berlinale World Cinema Fund.

Filmography (short films)

2011 Salón Royale 2016 Fuera de Temporada (Out of Season)

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Produced by

Puente Cine

World Sales

Tarea Fina