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The Dress on Her

Das Kleid an ihr

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Hsiao-Jing wears shorts and oversized T-shirts. She is fascinated by her teacher with her pretty dresses and elegant high heels. Miss Hui, in turn, hardly seems to notice the shy girl. Zhi-Ya wants to be Hsiao-Jing's friend. She wants the two of them to do homework together, swap dresses and be there for each other. For her it is only a game when the girls start spying on Miss Hui, but to Hsiao-Jing, it means much more.

Wen Chih Yi

Taiwan 2016


20’ · Colour

recommendation: 9 years and up


Rose Yu (Yu Hsiao-Jing)
Melody Chiu (Wang Zhi-Ya)
Peggy Tseng (Miss Hui)
Ma Kuo Hsien (Mr. Jia)
Chang Chang Mien (Zhi-Ya's mother)
Bai Ming Hua (Hsiao-Jing's grandmother)
Shih Ming Shuai (Hsiao-Jing's father)


Written and Directed by
Wen Chih Yi
Sung Wen Chung
Chen Hsiau Dong
Tsai Yao Jen
Sound Design
Lo Song Ce
Lo Song Ce
Production Design
Lee Tien Chueh
Lo Wan Yi
Chang Pei Wen
Tong Abba
Assistant Director
Huang Dan Chi
Production Manager
Shih Yu Han
Huang Hao Jie, Chen Mark
Executive Producers
Wen Chih Yi, Kao Chun Ting


Wen Chih Yi

Born in Taiwan, her television film Nyonya’s Taste of Life and her short film Sleeping with Her screened at numerous international festivals and won several awards. She is a director and producer and was a member of the jury at the 2013 Golden Horse Film Festival as well as the Taipei Film Festival in 2014.


2007 Nyonya's Taste of Life 2009 Sleeping with Her 2011 Towards the Completion of a Poem; documentary 2016 The Dress on Her

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