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Die beste aller Welten

The Best Of All Worlds

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Adrian is seven and growing up in Salzburg. His young mother Helga and her boyfriend are both heroin addicts; his biological father died before he was born. Helga loves her son above all else. She is torn between her attempts to be the best mother possible and her need to fill the void inside with the consumption of drugs. In this world privation is the norm. What little money there is goes on heroin and although Helga keeps trying to kick the habit her efforts regularly come to nought. All of this is part of young Adrian’s daily life. His world is nonetheless full of adventure and all kinds of experiences and he perceives his to be a happy childhood. It goes without saying that this happiness is far from being an innocent idyll. When Helga finally decides to face up to her addiction and undergo treatment it also means that she must – albeit temporarily – surrender custody of her son to social services. Their deep love for one another is about to be put to a huge test.

Adrian Goiginger

Germany / Austria 2017


103’ · Colour


Verena Altenberger (Helga Wachter)
Jeremy Miliker (Adrian Wachter)
Lukas Miko (Günter Goiginger)
Michael Pink (The Greek)
Michael Fuith (Hr. Hütter, youth welfare office)
Reinhold G. Moritz (Berni)
Philipp Stix (Walter)
Georg Veitl (Schneider)
Gabriel Marian Skowerski (Ronan)
Fritz Egger (Medical officer)


Written and Directed by
Adrian Goiginger
Yoshi Heimrath, Paul Sprinz
Ingrid Koller
Dominik Wallner
Sound Design
Marvin Keil
Bertin Molz, Tobias Scherer
Production Design
Veronika Merlin
Monika Gebauer
Tim Scheidig
Angelika Kropej
Assistant Director
Sandra Wollner
Production Management
Viktor Perdula, Mathias Hammer, Peter Wildling
Nils Dünker, Wolfgang Ritzberger
Executive Producer
Wolfgang Ritzberger
SWR, Baden-Baden
ORF, Wien


Adrian Goiginger

Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1991, after completing school he spent a year serving as a reserve cadet in the Austrian Armed Forces. In 2012 he co-founded the 2010 Entertainment OG production company with school friends in Salzburg where he has worked as a director and screenwriter for short films, commercials, corporate and music videos. In 2013 he began studying directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. His short films Klang der Stille and Milliardenmarsch screened at numerous international festivals and won multiple awards. Die beste aller Welten (The Best Of All Worlds) is his debut feature film.


2011 Aitch; short film 2014 Klang der Stille (Sound Of Silence); short film 2015 Milliardenmarsch (Billion Walk); short film 2017 Die beste aller Welten (The Best Of All Worlds)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017

Produced by

Lailaps Pictures