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‘But I’m not from here, I don’t even speak the language. What the fuck is going on? I’ll tell Mam!’

The Swiss director depicts everyday life in Burkina Faso through the eyes of 13-year-old Ady. Ady actually lives in France, but his father has decided to send him off on a long journey to relatives in West Africa. The boy is super excited at the prospect of a laid-back vacation in his father's country of origin, but when he finally gets there his uncle’s welcome is cold and reproachful.. The other members of the family are happy to see this visitor from afar and try to conciliate but Ady soon realises that his trip will not provide much in the way of relaxation. Fictional cinematic story-telling against a documental backdrop and Wallay is a further project from Berni Goldblat devoted to the cultural life of his adopted homeland.

Berni Goldblat

France / Burkina Faso / Qatar 2017

French, Dioula

84’ · Colour

recommendation: 12 years and up


Makan Nathan Diarra (Ady)
Ibrahim Koma (Jean)
Hamadoun Kassogué (Amadou)
Mounira Kankolé (Yéli)
Joséphine Kaboré (Mam)


Berni Goldblat
David Bouchet
Martin Rit
Laurent Sénéchal
Vincent Segal
Mathieu Perrot
Sound Editing
Vincent Vatoux
Sound Mixing
Yoann Veyrat
Production Design
Papa Kouyaté
Huguette Goudjo
Ama Lingani
Soone Lan, Georgette Paré
Assistant Director
Victor Baussonnie
Production Managers
Antoine Delahousse, Paul Sergent, Faissol Gnonlonfin
Nicolas Anthomé
Berni Goldblat
Les films du Djabadjah, Bobo-Dioulasso
Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Villeurbane
Rezo productions, Paris
Canal+ Overseas, Paris
Doha Film Institute, Doha


Berni Goldblat

Born in 1970, he has been directing, producing and distributing films since 1999, mainly documentaries made in West Africa or about the region. He co-founded Cinomade in 2000, an association in Burkino Faso aimed at creating and disseminating audio-visual awareness-raising tools. In 2006 he established Les films du Djabadjah production company, also in Burkino Faso. His feature documentary Ceux de la Colline screened at over 50 international festivals. He is also a trainer and has been a member of the jury for the African Movie Academy Awards for ten years. Wallay is his feature film debut.


2001 Doni-doni b'an bela; documentary 2009 Ceux de la colline; documentary 2015 Ciné Guimbi souvenirs; short documentary 2017 Wallay

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