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Generation Kplus

Upp i det blå

Up in the Sky

Schraube locker

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‘There are no cops in space. No rules.’ · ‘And parents don't need to work all the time. At least not when it's your birthday.’

Pottan is supposed to be spending her holidays at a pony farm, but her parents, who are always busy, end up leaving their eight-year-old daughter at a recycling yard by mistake. After a short discussion, the strange residents of the yard decide to take in the girl and she unexpectedly becomes part of a secret space mission. They are all sure that up there they will find fabulous treasures and the fulfillment of their dreams. Petter Lennstrand's life-size puppets are already well known to Swedish TV viewers. In his debut feature film, his cheeky, unconventional characters tell a tale of friendship and the meaning of seemingly unimportant things.

Petter Lennstrand

Sweden 2016


82’ · Colour

recommendation: 8 years and up


Mira Forsell (Pottan)
Adam Lundgren (Dennis Crowbar)
Guffe Funck (Ture)
Petter Lennstrand (Rydberg)
Shebly Niavarani (Babblan Krubblo)
Ida Engvoll (Miss Il)
Susanne Thorson (Mother)
Eric Ericson (Father)
Niklas Hermansson (Tangle)


Petter Lennstrand
Petter Lennstrand, Martin Olczak
Director of Photography
Erik Molberg Hansen
Kristin Grundström
Karl Frid, Pär Frid
Sound Design
Owe Svensson
Henric Andersson
Production Design
Josefin Åsberg
Puppet Design
Helena Äwe Bäckman, Petter Lennstrand
Moa Li Lemhagen Schalin
Eva von Bahr, Love Larson
Maggie Widstrand, Sara Törnkvist
Production Manager
Anna Carlsten
Lars Jönsson
Tomas Eskilsson, Hanne Palmquist
Film Väst, Trollhättan
Sveriges Television (SVT), Stockholm


Petter Lennstrand

Born in Sweden in 1970, in the 1990s he trained as a puppeteer with Swedish Marionetteatern founder Michael Meschke. He has created a number of popular television shows for children. Initially working mostly with puppets, he has since developed his own technique which blends human actors and puppets. In 2009 he won the Expressen newspaper's Heffaklump prize, a children's culture award originally intended for children's book creators which was in this case bestowed for the first time on a TV series.


2016 Upp i det blå (Up in the Sky)

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Memfis Film AB

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