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Aapothkalin Trikalika

The Kali of Emergency

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During social and political turmoil, what is the manifestation of divine intervention? How do the gods and goddesses act in the volatility of the contemporary world? If they walk on earth as men and women, how do they endure the chaos of modernity? Centering on the terrible and majestic incarnations of Goddess Kali and her celestial avatars, this film is a metaphysical contemplation in times of perpetual emergencies.

Ashish Avikunthak

India / Germany 2016


79’ · Colour & Black/White


Ruma Poddar
Saswati Biswas
Shamistha Nag
Siddhartha Banerjee
Sandeep Mukherjee
Sougata Mukherjee
Marylea Madiman
Satakshi Nandi
Saheli Goswami
Mishka Halim


Written and Directed by
Ashish Avikunthak
Moloy Mukherjee
Basab Mullik
Pankaj Rishi Kumar
Sound Design
Sukanta Mazumdar
Sankhayan Mukherjee
Production Design
Moloy Mukherjee
Sukumar Mazumdar
Shantanu Das
Moloy Mukherjee
Assistant Director
Sougata Mukherjee
Production Manager
Sougata Mukherjee
Ashish Avikunthak, Debleena Sen, Kristina Konrad


Ashish Avikunthak

Ashish Avikunthak, born in 1972 in Jabalpur, India, divides his time between his hometown of Kolkata and Providence, USA. He has been making films for the past 20 years. He has a PhD in Anthropology from Stanford University and has taught at Yale University. He is now an Associate Professor at Harrington School of Communication, University of Rhode Island. He has had retrospectives of his works and his films have been shown worldwide in museums, biennials, and film festivals.


1998 Et Cetera; 32 min. 1999 Kalighat Athikatha; 22 min. 2001 Rummaging for Pasts: Excavating Sicily, Digging Bombay; 27 min. · Brihnnlala Ki Khelkali; 17 min. 2002 Performing Death; 16 min. 2005 Antaral; 18 min., Forum Expanded 2008 2007 Nirakar Chhaya; 82 min. 2010 Vakratunda Swaha; 22 min. 2011 Katho Upanishad; 80 min. 2013 Rati Chakravyuh; 105 min. 2015 Kalkimathan Katha; 79 min. 2016 Aapothkalin Trikalika

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Produced by

Ashish Avikunthak Productions