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The Godfather Part III

Der Pate III

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It is 1979 and Don Michael Corleone wants to go straight. He has founded a charity to help the poor, has a church order bestowed upon him and gets involved with the Vatican bank. But his nephew Vincent is not onboard and feuds with a New York mafioso, leading to a clan meeting ending in a bloody assault. In Sicily, Michael learns that his backers are members of a secret order who are trying to thwart his cooperation with the Vatican. When they murder the new Pope, Michael is forced to act ... The dark lustre of the House of Corleone is largely dictated by the muted colours Milena Canonero has chosen for the family’s costumes, with heavy fabrics and leather being her preferred textiles. She designed similar costumes, albeit considerably more rustic than those of the Corleones, who wear Prada or Verri, for the singers performing “Cavalleria rusticana” in the film. Thus Canonero’s designs played a key role in the stylistic glissade between the bloody ending of the stage opera and the Grand Guignol finale of the Godfather trilogy on the steps of a Sicilian opera house.

Francis Ford Coppola

USA 1990


165’ · Colour · 35 mm

Rating R16


Al Pacino
Diane Keaton
Talia Shire
Andy Garcia
Eli Wallach
Joe Mantegna
George Hamilton
Bridget Fonda
Sofia Coppola


Francis Ford Coppola
Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola
Gordon Willis
Barry Malkin, Lisa Fruchtman, Walter Murch
Carmine Coppola, Nino Rota
Richard Beggs
Production Design
Dean Tavoularis
Art Director
Alex Tavoularis
Milena Canonero
Assistant Costume Designer
Richard Shissler, Elisabetta Beraldo
Wardrobe Supervision
William A. Campbell
Fabrizio Sforza
Francis Ford Coppola

World Sales

Paramount Pictures/Zoetrope Studios

Copy: Park Circus, Glasgow