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Chariots of Fire

Die Stunde des Siegers

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At Caius College, Cambridge in 1919, Jewish student Harold Abrahams sets a record in a traditional college running event. In the years that follow, he becomes one of the country’s most popular sprinters. Only Scotland’s Eric Liddell, the son of Christian missionaries, manages to beat him in a 100-metre race. Abrahams then hires a professional trainer. In 1924, both men are members of the British team at the Paris Olympic Games, where they will face off against their seemingly unbeatable rivals from team USA ... While the white battle dress of the Droogs in A Clockwork Orange referenced the street fashion of Britain’s proletarian teddy boys, the white sweaters and polo shirts of the British Olympians in Chariots of Fire found their way into the closets of middle-class “poppers”. The entire range of high-end menswear, from English tweeds to black tie, on display in the film garnered Milena Canonero her first contract for a fashion line with renowned menswear designer Norman Hilton (1919 – 2011). In 1983, Canonero commented, “I said I would do it provided we did not do a ‘Chariots’ look. People don’t want to dress in period clothes“.

Hugh Hudson

United Kingdom 1981


124’ · Colour · 2K DCP

Digital version 2012

Rating R12


Nicholas Farrell
Nigel Havers
Ian Charleson
Ben Cross
Daniel Gerroll
Ian Holm
John Gielgud
Lindsay Anderson
Nigel Davenport


Hugh Hudson
Colin Welland
David Watkin
Terry Rawlings
Vangelis (Papathanassiou)
Clive Winter
Art Director
Jonathan Amberston, Len Huntingford, Anna Ridley, Andrew Sanders
Milena Canonero
Assistant Costume Designer
Louise Frogley
Wardrobe Supervision
David Murphy
Mary Hillman
David Puttnam

Produced by

Enigma Productions

DCP: Park Circus, Glasgow