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Barry Lyndon

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The young, impoverished squire Redmond Barry joins the British army after a duel with an English officer. He fights in the Seven Years’ War in Germany, where, after deserting, he is blackmailed into joining the Prussian army. In Berlin, he is tasked by the police to spy on an Irish gambler, but Barry soon joins forces with the card shark instead. At a gambling table, he meets the lovely and wealthy Lady Lyndon, whom he marries after the death of her husband. But his enjoyment of the high life is short as his fortunes take a turn for the worse ... “This coat is made of the finest velvet. No finer velvet has ever been woven. You will see none better anywhere.” Barry’s clothing reflects his ascent to feudal dandy in much the same way that the pale, almost colourless rococo costumes of Lady Lyndon reflect the character of the wearer, whose personality is virtually extinguished by her despotic husband. Although not exactly prêt-a-porter, they did have a lasting influence. In 2015, film historian Daniela Sannwald wrote, “Lady Lyndon’s wardrobe might have influenced Vivienne Westwood’s collections – the cold nude shades, as well as the high-rococo tailoring”.

Stanley Kubrick

United Kingdom / USA 1975


185’ · Colour · 2K DCP

Digitally restored version

Rating R12


Ryan O'Neal
Marisa Berenson
Patrick Magee
Hardy Krüger
Diana Körner
Leon Vitali
Marie Kean
Leonard Rossiter


Written and Directed by
Stanley Kubrick, adapted from the novel “The Lucky of Barry Lyndon, Esq.” (1844) by William Makepeace Thackeray
John Alcott
Tony Lawson
Leonard Rosenman
Rodney Holland
Production Design
Ken Adam
Art Director
Roy Walker
Milena Canonero, Ulla-Britt Soderlund
Wardrobe Supervision
Ron Beck
Ann Brodie, Alan Boyle, Barbara Daly, Jill Carpenter, Yvonne Coppard
Stanley Kubrick

Produced by

Hawk Films Ltd.

DCP: Warner Bros. Pictures Germany, Hamburg