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Night of the Living Dead

Die Nacht der lebenden Toten

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While visiting a cemetery, Johnny and his sister Barbra are attacked by a lumbering figure. Johnny is killed, while Barbra manages to escape to a nearby farmhouse, where she promptly stumbles over a dead body. As she tries in vain to phone for help, a horde of hulking attackers gathers outside. African-American Ben, who has also sought safety in the house, reports that there have been similar assaults all over the country. After nailing the windows and doors shut, they discover additional survivors in the cellar. Young Karen has been bitten by one of the “living dead” and is sick ... “They’re coming to get you, Barbra!” George A. Romero’s radical independent film, made in 1968, was a graphic tale of war and racism. It also established the zombie as an indelible icon in science and pop culture. Romero’s horror classic, which the Museum of Modern Art added to its collection in 1970, circulates in numerous versions. The festival is screening a restoration undertaken using the original negative. – International premiere of the digitally restored 4K DCP version.

George A. Romero

USA 1968


96’ · Black/White · 4K DCP

Digitally restored version 2016

Rating R16


Duane Jones
Judith O’Dea
Karl Hardman
Marilyn Eastman
Keith Wayne
Judith Ridley
Russell Streiner
Kyra Schon


George A. Romero
George A. Romero, John A. Russo
George A. Romero, Marshall Booth
George A. Romero
Gary R. Streiner
Special Effects
Regis Survinski, Tony Pantanello
Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman
Russell Streiner, Karl Hardman

Produced by

Image Ten

This film was restored by the Museum of Modern Art and the Film Foundation with funding provided by the George Lucas Family Foundation and the Celeste Bartos Preservation Fund.