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Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D

Terminator 2 – Tag der Abrechnung 3D

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It is 2029 and the nuclear holocaust is in the past. On Earth, people are fighting the all-powerful machines. The machines send a T-1000 “Terminator” android back to the 20th century to kill rebel leader John Connor while he is still a child. The resistance movement counters by sending an older model, the T-800, back to protect the 10-year-old boy. With John and his mother, the android attempts to halt the technological advances that will lead to the supremacy of the machines by destroying the research of the original software developer. As they flee from the T-1000 and the police, the trio encounters a formidable number of destructive and violent obstacles ... “T2” and its morphing effect broke new ground not just in terms of visual effects. Its ironic take on the humanisation of an android, its demonstrative use of advanced digital effects and a hip heavy-metal soundtrack brought what was the most expensive Hollywood blockbuster ever at the time not only huge box office returns, but also gave it enormous pop culture “cred”. – World premiere of the digitally restored 2K DCP version in 3D.

James Cameron

USA 1991/2017


138’ · Colour · 2K DCP, 3D

Digitally restored version 2016

Rating R16


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Linda Hamilton
Robert Patrick
Edward Furlong
Joe Morton
Earl Boen
S. Epatha Merkerson
Danny Cooksey


James Cameron
James Cameron, William Wisher
Adam Greenberg
Conrad Buff, Mark Goldblatt, Richard A. Harris
Brad Fiedel
Lee Orloff
Special Effects
Dennis Muren, Stan Winston
Production Design
Joseph Nemec, III
Art Director
Joseph P. Lucky
Marlene Stewart
Jeff Dawn
James Cameron

Produced by

Carolco/Pacific Western/Lightstorm Entertainment

DCP: Studiocanal, Berlin