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Jul 23, 2015:
Berlinale World Cinema Fund: New Funding Recommendations

At the 22nd jury session of the World Cinema Fund (WCF), the jury suggested contributing to the production funding of four new film projects. Two more recommendations for funding in the category of production were announced within the scope of the supplementary WCF Europe programme.

Since its establishment in October 2004, the WCF has awarded production and distribution funding to a total of 130 projects chosen from 2,500 submissions from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia, the Caucasus, as well as from the countries Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. All WCF-funded films produced to date have screened in cinemas and / or the programmes of renowned international film festivals, and are evidence of the initiative’s worldwide success.

Latest Funding Recommendations

The WCF jury made their selection based on 131 submissions from a total of 48 countries. The recommendations for funding amount to 220,000 euros. The jury members are film scholar and curator Viola Shafik (Germany / Egypt), documentary producer Marta Andreu (Spain), distributor and producer Jan De Clercq (Belgium) and WCF project manager Vincenzo Bugno.

Production funding:

Madmen’s Fort, director: Narimane Mari (Algeria). Producer: Allers Retours Films (Algeria). Feature film. Funding: 40,000 euros.

The Eternals, director: Nader Takmil Homayoun (Iran). Producer: In Good Company GmbH (Germany). Feature film. Funding: 50,000 euros.

Time was Endless, director: Sérgio Andrade and Fabio Baldo (Brazil). Producer: Rio Tãruma Filmes (Brazil). Feature film. Funding: 30,000 euros.

Hunting Season, director: Natalia Garagiola (Argentina). Producer: Rei Cine (Argentina). Feature film. Funding: 30,000 euros.

Within the framework of the WCF Europe programme, which has been made possible by additional financing from the European Commission’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme, the WCF recommends funding the production of the following projects:

Tramontane, director: Vatche Boulghoujian (Lebanon). Producer: Le Boureau Films (France) and Abbout Productions (Lebanon). Feature film. Funding: 40,000 euros.

Oscuro Animal, director: Felipe Guerrero (Colombia). Producer: Gema Films (Argentina), Boo Productions (Greece), Mutokino (Colombia), Viking Film (Netherlands), Sutor Kolonko (Germany). Feature film. Funding: 30,000 euros.

The World Cinema Fund is an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Berlin International Film Festival, in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office, with further support by the Goethe-Institut.

The special WCF Europe programme was launched with the support of the European Commission’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

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July 23, 2015

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