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The Survival Guide to Digital Workflows

Both big and small budget-productions struggle to keep up with changing technologies and the multitude of digital workflows. This year’s session takes as a case study Roy Andersson’s 2014 Venice Golden Lion winner A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, which required a special focus on the production and post-production workflow. One of the two DOPs of the film, Gergely Pálos (Berlinale Talents 2011), joins post-production supervisor Niko Remus and colorist Dirk Meier to recount their experiences on the film. The team discusses the implications of shooting with one camera and prime lens over four years, lighting and exposure for a Red camera, on-set monitoring, matte painting, delivering VFX shots for grading, deliverables and archiving. Director Roy Andersson joins later in the session for a Q&A.

Germany 2016, 120 min