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NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change

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The Inuit learn to observe their environment from childhood. The Elders vividly recall how they discovered nature and wildlife while playfully training their five senses for survival in the Canadian Arctic. Their ancient wisdom is adapting to the current changes surrounding them, as they have learned to embrace some modern lifestyle elements into their culture, without ceasing to co-exist with nature. Rising temperatures and pollution are disturbing their ecosystem and society in ways “southern” academics do not entirely grasp. This is a tale of endurance told as an intimate conversation. Award-winning Inuit director Zacharias Kunuk delivers a sharp insight into his community using a visually tranquil approach to depict how the vast glacial landscape is defrosting in front of their eyes.

Canada 2010, 54 min


Zacharias Kunuk, Ian Mauro

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