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Los murmullos



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1974: Gámez visits the little community Juchitepec in the Federal state of Mexico. In calmly composed shots and images, he accompanies and listens to those who have nothing. Gámez simultaneously reflects the poverty of the inhabitants as well as the cycle of life, interrupted only by the invasive North American chemical and agricultural industry. The film is underlaid with a constant mumbling, giving the film its title. The fundamental question of the film is, how can it go on, when it’s barely enough, when there’s no time for peace, when no one of any age is able to pause. Those who manage to leave are the lucky ones – those who stay can bank on nothing and have only the bare essentials. In contrast to many of his Latin American colleagues, who perceive the cinema of the time to be a weapon against capitalism, Gámez utilises his editing and photography to distance himself from the hope that a Cine Imperfecto, a Cinema Novo can save the world. For him, the ideological battle of his time cannot be won through editing alone. In 1977, Los murmullos was conferred with Mexico’s most prestigious film award: The Ariel. Los murmullos is part of the short film canon.
The film is screened out of competition.

Mexico 1976, 25 min


Rubén Gámez

World Sales

Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía