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Triapichniy Soyuz

Rag Union

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“We are freaks, know-it-alls, jerk-offs. There is a lot we can afford to do. We can look over the edge.”

Vania, a reserved teenager, falls under the spell of three young men calling themselves the Rag Union. Full of energy, fearless and feel invincible, they leap over gravestones and car roofs – Parkour and art are their weapons against the world order. Vania wants to join them, even though it is unclear what the Rag Union is actually about: world revolution, subversive action art or pure megalomania? Vania looks on helplessly as the three take over his Grandmother's dacha. Then a girl shows up and causes trouble, and eventually the first bomb goes off.
In a kaleidoscope of imagery and narrative, the film is bursting at the seams with anarchic energy. As Vania distances himself from the group, he reflects on the idealism of the world they have constructed. One thing is sure: they will never forget these days together.

Russian Federation 2015, 97 min


Mikhail Mestetskiy


Vassily Butkevich
Ivan Yankovskiy
Pavel Chinarev
Alexander Pal

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