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“I wanted to see what kind of colour pink is. If I find pink, Zana will fall in love with me.”

First love is often painful. Still, that’s not going to stop Rauf from showing Zana how much he fancies her. Alas, the eleven-year-old’s advances only elicit amused smiles from the young woman. Fortunately, Rauf has a couple of loyal friends at his side that he can count on for advice and perspective. Undeterred by the tragic consequences of war, or the fact that he’s already dropped out of school to apprentice as a carpenter, the boy holds on to his one hope: Rauf sets off on a quest to find the special colour that symbolizes his love. This turns out to be no trivial undertaking in his snowy little isolated corner of Anatolia. When he finally happens upon the object of his quest, as winter snow gives way to the early flowers of spring, Rauf isn’t a little boy anymore.

Turkey 2016, 94 min


Barış Kaya, Soner Caner


Alen Hüseyin Gürsoy
Yavuz Gürbüz
Şeyda Sözüer
Veli Ubic